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Friday, December 5, 2008

Festive Fun-tasy featuring Disney Lights & Lanterns @ NZX, Ara Damansara

It's packed during my last visit to niuzesui last weekend. So this week, I popped in again to niuzexui for the Festive Fun-tasy which is the Disney Lights & Lanterns display at niuzexui Street Mall.

If you have not been there as's worth a visit.

Pooh Fun-tasy

Space Fun-tasy

Animals Fun-tasy

Mickey Fun-tasy

Mickey & Donald.........says Hi!!

Mickey Townhouse-Wishing you Merry Christmas!

Jungle Fun-tasy-The Lion King

Underwater Fun-tasy

Besides the lanterns, one can also see the disney characters during the tour down the street. There's Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pinochio, Woody, Stitch, Pooh and others.

Disney's Charaters-Pic 1

Disney's Charaters-Pic 2

Disney's Charaters-Pic 3

The admission fees is FREE!! All you need to do is to purchase a voucher of:-

RM 10.00- Adults
RM 5.00- Children

The voucher can then be used to purchase mugs, umbrellas, VCD or foods at the booth along the streetmalls. If the vouchers are use to change for disney characters mugs/umbrella, you will be entitled for 3 game tokens. Challenge yourself at the fun fair game booths like fun dart, wheel of fantasy , fantasy toss etx and win Disney prizes for your childrens or friends!

15 Nov 08 - 8 Jan 09 featuring Disney Christmas Lights & Lanterns
9 Jan 08 - 15 Feb 09 featuring Disney CNY Lights & Lanterns

Visiting hour:
Mon-Fri 12 pm- 12 midnight,
Sat,Sun & Public Holiday 11 am- 12 midnight

@ NIUZEXUI Ara Damanasara


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