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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

Hohoho.....Merry Christmas!!! Had my dinner at Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant today. Just a coincidence, we didn't pick this restaurant for dinner just because it's Ho Ho.....Anyway, it's a tiring day and because it is raining in the evening, all of the sudden I feel like having steamboat.
While on our way back from shopping, we stopped by at Sri Petaling for steamboat as suggested by me.

About steamboat
Steamboat sometimes also known as hotpot refer to varieties of raw ingredient and a simmering pot with broth in the middle of the table. Raw ingredients includes meat, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms ans etc and one can choose to cook their preferences in the simmering pot.

Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant (Pulau Ketam) @ Sri Petaling

Each table set with an simmering pot of plain broth, bowl of chilly sauce and a bowl of onion oil
Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant serves only plain broth with mild taste, tasted just nice to dip in and cook the other raw ingredients served as ordered.

Set Menu @ RM 13 per person- Above is portion for 2
The raw ingredients served are fresh which include prawns, fish slices, dumplings, tou fu, fried yam, fish balls and vegetables. The fish balls and dumpling are all freshly made and tranlsucent , dumpling meats are well marinated and tasted good.

A cheap and simple yet fulfilling steamboat dinner! Don't know what's for dinner today? Here's my

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