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Monday, December 8, 2008

Perak Food -Heong Pheah from Gunung Rapat, Ipoh

After having a bowl of tau fu far we decided to walked around the area to shop for dome fragrant biscuits known as heong pheah (香餅).

About Heong Pheah

It's a flaky biscuits with sweet maltose paste fillings. A popular snack of Ipoh, very often bought by tourists, Among the locals, best heong pheah is produced at a suburb area known as Gunung Rapat.

1.25 p.m

Van selling Heong Pheah from Chang Weng Enterprise, Gunung Rapat

Heong Pheah by Chang Weng Enterprise @ RM 6.00 per pack
While strolling down the street we notice there are so many shops selling Heong Pheah with different brands. Honestly, I have no idea which is the best beand but I remember my best pal bought a packet for me which is very nice especially the maltose filling with sesame which is superb. Somehow we spotted some Singaporeans buying about 30 packets oh Heong Pheah from this van infront of Ong Kee, so we stopped by and have a looked. The vendor let us try one of it and it tasted alright. And that's how we ended up buying Heong Pheh from Chang Weng- Gunung Rapat.

The flaky skin biscuits is aromatic, enveloping gooey sweet maltose filling.

N0302 Jalan Gunung Rapat,
Gunung Rapat, 31350 Ipoh
Tel: 016- 4145 560. 016 440 3698

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