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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flower Nuseries & Farm

Muti crops Central Market

Market? Not really!! It's a covered complex with a greenhouse garden in the complex.- My description seems complexing!! Hahahahaha...

Multi crops Central Market @ Brinchang

Central Market would be a good place to shop for souvenirs and local products or perhaps a place to stop for a snack. There is a cafe and a landscaped garden in the market. There are tables around the garden and it's a perfect place for a cup of hot drinks while enjoying the colors of the flowers and the cool climate.

I mentioned- it's a perfect place for a cup of tea- but definitely not when it is so pack that all tables are taken.

Landscaped garden @ Multi crops Central Market

Strawberry Corner

To the left end of Multi crops central market, there is a shop which belongs to Multicrop Central Market known as Strawberry Corner. At Strawberry corner, there are lots of local products especially preserved fruits and strawberry jams. You might want to grab a pack or two for your relatives and friends. Other than food, there are gifts with strawberry designs too.

Multicrops Central Market
No 1 Arkid Peladang,
Sg Burung,
39100 Brinchang

Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Tel: +605- 491 5188

Fax: +605- 491 5188

Unc Sam Farm

And then, to the right of Multi Crops Central market, there is a flower farm. A pot or two of flower or cactus you?

Unc Sam Farm @ Brinchang- pots of cactus & flowers for sale. Grab some cameron apples too!

Unc Sam Farm
163, Sungai Burong,
41st miles Brinchang,
39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang.,
Tel: +605- 491 5903

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