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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nasi Bojari @ Madam Kwan's Mid Valley

It has been a year since we met and she MSN me the other day "I am back". She is back for holiday and I guess she as usual whe would like to spend more time with her family. I replied " Let's meet up for a drink if possible."
We met up for dinner and updated each other with our current lifestyle. I have good news from her as well.....she is planning to shift back to Malaysia. Oh ya, she is Dior my ACCA coursemate, who is currently working overseas, I am so happy with her good news.....In the old time, our class are dominated by the males, only few females and she is the only one that we often keep in touch. I should name her, a successful lady!

Ok....enough of babbling! We had our dinner at Madam Kwan Mid Valley.We both ordered Nasi Bojari, the signature dish of Madam Kwan's Restaurant.

Nasi Bojari @ RM 20.50- Fragantly fried rice served with crispy golden brown fried chicken drumstick, assam prawns and tender chicken/beef? Oh that beef? Dior told me is chicken, I didn't even exactly look at the menu for the descriptions. Was that beef?

Banana Fritters served with Ice Cream

About the dinner.....for me taste is just normal and both of us were so full and, for our date, we had a great time. Dior mentioned that I have changed! She says I improved alot in eating. ~lol~ And wearing colorful dresses.......Thanks friend!

Dain Ti Hill (代官山) @ Pavillion KL - revisit

he second visit was not a pleasant trip. We heard that their desserts are good and since today is the last day of the promotion, we went to Dain Ti Hill for lunch again.

Potato Pumpkin Salad @ RM 12.00 -Can Try!

Deep Fried Chicken with Mustard @ RM 18.00

Braised Tofu with Egg Yolk @ RM 15.00- I personally don't like it!

Baked Rice Roll topped with Mango @ RM 24.00

Vanilla Ice Cream served with glutinous rice ball and fresh fruits @ RM 12.00 - Just a normal dessert. Presentation wise looks nice.

Rose Oolong Tea @ RM 15.00

The service was poor due to the crowded environment and most dishes were taken out from the menu with the excuse that it is a busy day. To revisit? MMmmmmm......maybe but not so soon....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Claypot Chicken Rice @ PJ Old Town

Wanted to go for Bak Kut Teh at Heng Kee, PJ Old Town, too bad it is closed on Monday and I am not aware of it at all. Perhaps my previous visits fall on some other day. except Monday! It so happened that I was viewing PreciousPea blog this noon and I came across her post on Nameless Claypot Chicken Rice in PJ Old Town, am wondering if this is the one my sister mentioned to me earlier. This restaurant (without signboard) is located right opposite the wet market at Jalan Othman. Not sure whether this is the correct restaurant, but I recognized the uncle's face from pictures seen in PreciousPea blog. Hahahaha.....We then decided to have our dinner here.

Opposite Jalan Othman wet market
If possible, there must be a vegetables dish in each meal of mine. It's just a simple dish. For picture posting only.

I wanted to try their Herbal Nutshell Soup, but auntie said soups all sold out. They are left with salted vegetables soup only. A bit disappointed actually, but still, I want some soup. The soup tasted easy and excellent!

Claypot chicken rice (瓦煲雞飯) is a dinner dish of southern regions of China, then Singapore and Malaysia. It is normally served with chinese sausage( 臘腸)) and vegetables. The rice is cooked in the claypot first and cooked ingredient which is the cut chicken,dark soya sauce,chinese sausage and dried salted fish are added in later. Traditionally the cooking is done over a charcoal stove, giving the dish a distinctive flavour.

As for the claypot chicken rice served here, it is special that it tasted like as if it is cooked in the traditional way (charcaol stove) but it is not. I didn't see any charcoal stove is used when uncle is preparing the dinner dish. I guess the fragant of the rice comes from the long time used claypot. The chickens are well marinated and tender too. They don't served with chinese sausage only salted fish which is already enough to enhance the pot of rice. Great dinner in fact! A good recommendation from PreciousPea. The dinner cost only RM18.00. So what are you waiting for?

Sorry....I don't have the address but the restaurant is easy to locate.

Banana Leaf Rice @ The Lotus

My headache has not gone away so is my craving for spicy food too. I was viewing
Nic(KHKL) blog and I saw the post on banana leaf rice.Hhhmmmm...banana leaf rice, am sure there are spicy dishes, but where? Kana, The Lotus, Sri Paandi, Sri Nirwana or Sri Kortumalai( as posted by Nic).......By the way, it seems like "Sri" is so commonly used.Why not Sri Kana or Sri Lotus?

Well, my post title is obvious enough, I chose The Lotus for banana leaf rice, not because the food is extremely good, but I am sort of missing something they serve here.

Do you know that banana leaf rice is actually a typical dish in South Indian Cuisine? White rice is served on banana leaf with assortment of vegetables/pickles, curried meat/fish and papadum(cracker). The banana leaf is used as it is believed that the hot rice with release the coating of banana leaf and it helps in digestion.

Well, we ordered curry chicken, fried chicken, fish cutlet and sambal udang. Taste wise is just normal.The whole meal cost RM42.00 including drinks as ordered as below.

Oh it comes at last......miss miss miss......their special brew!

The Lotus's special brew @ RM 3.50- A great cup/glass of coffee- Must Try!

It was a pleasant lunch anyway. My next visit for banana leaf rice would be Sri Nirwana, Bangsar I guess......but not so soon

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Restaurant Inner Mongolia

Slept for long hours and when I woke up....all of the sudden my I craved for spicy food. Something wrong
somewhere and it is already 9 pm. Where to go for spicy soupy food at this hour? To Wen's Chinatown Restaurant again? No no....I want try it at some other restaurant! Decided to try the hot and spicy steamboat
( 麻辣火锅 ) at Restaurant Inner Mongolia.

Restaurant Inner Mongolia, serves steamboat and other ala carte dishes
I guess it's my lucky day. They are extending their earlier promotion until 31/10/08. Blah blah ...I don't know how to read and to lazy to analyze one word by another, all I knew is .....they are having this buffet promotion at RM 33++ per person. Choose the soup base, order the raw ingredients as much as you like and choices of your beverages.
Although, you can order as much as you like....but don't be too greedy, cause as usual all restaurants which serves steamboat buffet do charge certain fees for foods that goes wasted!
Soup base wise, the herbal soup is great in taste and the hot & spicy soup is actually the same soup based as the herbal soup, they added chilly oil, peppers and some other herbs to make this soup. Well, the spicy soup based is definitely not as tasty as spicy as the one served in Wen's Chinatown. The beautiful layer of oil on top of the spicy soup base is as beautiful as the one served in Wen's Chinatown though.

The exotic ingredients of the soup based and the aroma of the soup tantalized my tastebud! A great late dinner~~

290, Ground Floor,
Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144 9688

Friday, September 26, 2008

3 course meal @ TGIF Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Thank God It's Friday.....the whole office is going out for dinner at T.G.I.F Pavilion ,an early farewell dinner in fact. Someone is leaving ..........

Let's talk about food first and who is leaving next. All of us had their 3 course meal and add RM 7.90 for free flow soft drinks! Their 3 course meal are in 2 categories now, which is:

"Good and Wholesome menu to Behave?"

  • Shrimp Martini

A mouth watering serving of plump shrimp, juicy tomatoes abd tangy green olives in a zesty cocktail sauce.
Good pick!

  • Boneless Wings

Succulent crispy pieces of chicken breast basted in traditional Buffalo Sauce.

Good pick!

  • Chicken Caesar Salad

Slices of marinated, chargrilled breast of chicken heap atop of Caesar Salad.
Good pick!

  • Key West Grouper
  • Garlic Chicken Primavera

Juicy garlic sauteed chicken breast served over fettuccine and tossed with sun-dried tomatoes, tomato-basil salsa and seasonal vegetables. We actually ordered something else, but the order came out wrongly. But still, it's a good wrong- Good pick!

  • Roma Chicken Cutlet
  • Friday's Chicken
  • Cookies 'N' Cream

Rich vanilla ice cream sandwiched between the decadent chocolate chip cookie squares, drizzled with hot fudge and caramel sauce. Good pick!

"Good and Wholesale menu to Indulge?"

  • Fried Mac & Cheese

Creamy cheeses and elbow noodles golden fried to perfection!
Bad pick!

  • Fried Calamari

Hand battered and fried golden. Served with marinara sauce.
My pick-Good pick!

  • Cajun Fried Chicken
  • Fish & Chips
  • Blackened Chicken Aflredo

Rich creamy fettuccine Alfredo, topped with a New Orleans-style blacken chicken breast, fresh tomatoes and green onion.
Bad pick!

  • Sizzling Chicken & Cheese

A sizzling skillet of onions and peppers together with garlic marinated chicken breast over melted Colby and Jack cheeses. Served with our cheddar cheese mashed potatoes.
My pick!~Very the Good Pick! ~lol~

  • Chicken Fingers
  • Chocolate Malt Cake

Three layers of moist chocolate fudge cake with a creamy chocolate malt icing.
My pick- Bad Bad Pick!

This post is gonna be as simple as this! Us sitting at the other end of the table, ordered different options provided in the menu and share it among ourselves. Those with pictures are what we have ordered and The "Good Pick!" and "Bad Pick" comments are definitely based on my tastebud, picture and descriptions in the menu somehow looks tempting and try or not to try still depends on yourself to decide ya!

Well........who is leaving?
Our branch manager is leaving the company. Although we enjoyed the dinner, but it is always sad when someone is leaving. There is a lot more to learn from him but some how this is life...we move forward to out own directions. We will you best of health and prosperity....All the best and thanks for everything! Thanks for the drinking session with few of us as well.
Drinking session @ Crystal Jade Pavillion ~Cheers !~

Outlets of TGIF? Do I need to provide this info? Well, you can find it in major shopping malls. To know more, visit:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fish Head Noodles @ WinSoon Cafe- Ah Soon Fish Head Mee, Kuchai Lama

Fish balls, Fish paste.......are my favorites and what about fish dishes? Not really.....I am quite particular when it come to fish dishes. But this is consider a satisfactory meal to me. Ah Soon Fish Head Mee Hun (Vermicelli) is not new anymore, I guess this cafe has been in Kuchai Lama for quite sometime and finally I stopped by for my dinner today.

Notice that Win Soon Cafe is always crowded each time when I passed by. Crowded as usual!

Fish head Mee Hoon @ RM 7.50 per bowl

Although the cafe offered few combination of Fish Head Noodles with other dishes i.e. Fish Paste+ Fish Head Mee Hoon, Fish Paste Sotong Ball +Fish Head Mee Hoon and few more others, I ordered their Fish Head Mee Hoon. It comes in a big bowl with pieces of fried fish meat with powering broth.'s tasty and delicious! Besides that, the vermicelli are specially made by the restaurant and they don't serve any other types of noodles.

I witnessed this uncle finish up two bowls of fish head noodles lo....

Some think the meal served is normal but for me it is a good try and if you are a big fan of Fish Head Mee Hoon, consider visiting here. By the way, I heard that there is another place in Kuchai which serves XO Fish Head Mee Hoon, but the restaurant operates only in the afternoon, am eager to try but to bad their operating hour seems quite difficult to me. Anyway....I am sure I will try it sooner or later....

Address as below:

46, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7981 9287

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Theobrama Chocolate Lounge

The word "chocolate" attracts me.....last month when we were at Pavilion for lunch, I saw this outlet with big signboard "chocolate" and I told Jessie about it. She said she already visited the outlet in One Utama, and it's a great place. So when will be my turn?? After having my cham dinner at Charms Cafe, I visit Theobrama Chocolate Lounge! How can a chocolatier like me not visiting this lounge?? Chocolate is happiness and it signifies passion and devotions to me......

Theobrama Chocolate Lounge @ One Utama

Varieties of exquisite chocolates- It's driving me crazy!

Chocolate Affair @ RM 25.90

Since this is my first visit, here I am with my chocolate affair which is their chocolate fruit platters. Fresh strawberries, oranges, star fruits,kiwis and some marshmallows with the most wicked chocolate dip on earth! Among the four fruits serves, I think kiwi and chocolate has the most perfect combination in taste! What do you think?? Let me know once you have try it ya!

Although, I love chocolates, I didn't try any other beverages though....but I will definitely be back to try the others.

By the way, I am having this Haagen Dazs Fondue in my mind now!.I have always wanted to try. it....too bad I can't find someone to accompany me.....

Lot C.4.05.02, Connection Level 4,
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2143 4149

Lot FK3, 1st Floor, Highstreet,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No.1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama CityCentre,
47800 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 03- 7725 0623


Charms Cafe @ One Utama

Ahha!!Sunday night! I hate going out on Sunday nights......I don't know why, perhaps the symptoms of Monday blues.....hahahahaha......
was at One Utama and am too lazy to think....all I want is to visit Theobrama Chocolate Lounge, got to find a place to dine first...while window shopping we passed by CHARMS CAFE . A cafe which seems to be always fully occupied each time when I am at One Utama, an attractive and colorfully decorated cafe with Balinese, Vietnamese and Thai concept ( as claimed by them)

How about the food they serve? I ordered Charms Laksa & Charms Ice Tea, having in my mind that since it is named "Charms" it must be something special they are offering which indeed was recommended by their waitress as well. Well, charms laksa is totally dissapointing, laksa served with tao fu pok and two fishballs, taste is normal...nope, should say worst than normal. (based on my tastebuds) and their Charms Ice Tea is actually Icce Lemon Tea though. And their Claypot Curry Ikan Pari served with rice.....the curry taste the same as my Charms Curry Laksa, except that this dish is served in a bigger portion. ...Charms Charms Charms.......Cham lah!

Am wondering why is this place so crowded though......or do they have some other specialties that I am not aware of it???? I think they spend so much effort on the decor and totally forgot about the food! Correct me if I am wrong.....

Are you interested? Hahahahahaha......

Lot S206, 2nd Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Mall,
Bandar Utama, PJ
Tel: 03 7722 2206
(Same floor as TGV Cinemas and near the bridge to the New Wing)

The Curve- Outlet
Lot G 38, Ground Floor, The Curve,
Mutiara Damansara, PJ
Tel: 03- 7728 2206

Char Siu Rice @ Kedai Kopi Tian Hong

" Halo....blogger! I have a place to recommend you! The char siu (roasted pork) hor....taste like bak kwa!" This is the call I received the other day during office hour. I was shocked ! Not because of the person who called, I was shocked with his descriptions of the char siu...So we managed to visit this coffee shop during weekend for lunch!

Kedai Kopi Tian Hong @ Salak Selatan
Not only the outer layer is tasty and crispy, the meat itself is tender and well tasted with the seasonings.So here is the part where Jun mentioned, it tasted like bak kwa, the over burnt part and it's great. Look at the pic.....I am drooling! Jin ho jiak ler!!!!

Char siu literally means "fork burn/roast"pork. A traditional cooking method for the long strips of seasoned boneless pork, where the boneless pork are skewered with a long fork and placed in a covered oven over the fire. The meat is seasoned with a mixture of honey, five-spice powder, fermented to fu, soy sauce, red food coloring (optional) and sheery/rice wine (optional). These seasonings turned the exterior of the meat dark red, and normally maltose may be used to give char siu its characteristic of shiny glaze.

It's been quite sometime since I ate char siu (years??), the reason is my previous puppy's favorite meal is char siu rice. Few months ago, I was mentioning this to my friend when he was having char siu. wan tan mee....he then threw his piece of char siu on his plate, acting like as if he is angry....My puppy gone missing few years ago....

Well....thanks for the good recomendation Jun!.... I heard that this place is crowded during weekdays lunch it would be better to visit after 1 pm I guess....but they might be running out of other optional dishes....I was asking the friendly owner for name card, but he said they don't have any.... and he gave me this.... you know where is it! But, I have forgotten to ask for their operation hours, try your luck if you are interested..If it is not open on that day, there is another recommended restaurant nearby, which is always crowded as well.....will post it next time!.