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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Restaurant Pu Yuan

Some says this place is hidden, some says it is not well advertised! But, I say- It is not hidden and it is already very well advertised.

Restaurant Pu Yuan is one those places where the quality of food belies it's modest exterior. Stepped inside and you will be greeted with their simplest decorations which is newspaper cuttings which highlight the restaurant including the Ho Jiak Program's sticker on the frame.

Entrance of Restaurant Pu Yuan-Whitewashed plywood door with red chinese character painted above the doorway. This windowless, air conditioned restaurant is packed during lunch time, so am suggesting to visit during dinner time.
Newspaper & magazine cuttings highlighting the restaurant- So, who says it's not well advertised?

Restaurant Pu Yuan famous dish- Sweet Potato Noodles. The dark yet translucent noodles are firm and springy, fried with mushrooms, shrimps and pork slice.
Fried Pak Guo (in canton)/ Pek Kueh (in Hokkien), another famous dish of Restaurant Pu Yuan. Each time when I visit this restaurant, am sure to order the black & white, or tell the owner you want Michael Jackson, they will get what you mean. Black would be their sweet potato noodles and white would be their Fried Pak Guo.

As usual, I wanted to have their homemade "Pei Dan Sou" What is this called in English huh?? Century Egg ___? It's sold out, so the owner recomended this dish. Yao Char Guai with fish paste, which I don't really like it, it's too hard, think they over fried it.
Another favorite dish of mine at this restaurant, Marmite Chicken, a very common dish but I love the way they cook it, deep fried the chicken then stir frying it again with marmite and honey and yet being able to maintain the tenderness of the chicken meat. Careful! Its hot........

Restaurant Pu Yuan serves authentic Hokkien and local favorites and I have been visiting this restaurant over the years. If I am not mistaken, it is the only place in Malaysia that makes and serves sweet potato noodles, a traditional Hokkien dish from the Fu-Jian Province of China. Other dishes that this restaurant is famous for are fish maw soup and special fried tau foo. One bite, and you will know why the people are so reluctant to share this restaurants whereabouts with you!

Pu Yuan Restaurant
No 112, Batu 4 1/2
Jln Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7982 4410
Opening Hours:
11.30 am - 3 pm
6.00 pm - 10 pm
Closed on Thursday night

Note: The below post is Dain Ti Hill Restaurant @ Pavillion. Some one mentioned to me Dunhill Dunhill...left me wondering where the hell is Dunhill restaurant!!


BShya said...

I know that there are another two restaurants also serve sweet potato noodles that located at Batu 4, Jalan Ipoh, quite near to my house. Its not bad, but I don't know whether its as good as Pu Yuan Restaurant. Oops, I don't know the name of the restaurants. Its a very small restaurants (occupied house as restaurant), and its crowded during lunch time, not open at nite.

JessieLee said...

hey...i like their Marmite Chicken & the Fried Pak Guo too, kinda miss the food now la...haha

Lushia said...

Bshya: am surprised to see your comment here ler....I didn't know there is another restaurant in Jln Ipoh which serves sweet potato noodle la...perhaps I should ask for the direction from you and pay a visit to that restaurant :)

Jessie: Find one day la....we go there and have dinner, i don't mind revisiting a good restaurant