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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thai Thai Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Having not much choices in Sunway Pyramid, and wanting to try something new..... I came across this restaurant while shopping.
The renovation of the restaurant draws my attention, I guess that's the reason I decided to have my dinner @ Thai Thai Restaurant, and upon entering the restaurant, then only I realized that this restaurant is under the same management with Actually Thai. I visited Actually Thai somewhere in June but did not post anything about it as I think there is nothing much to write about. But this I am....

Homey style renovation
Khao Ob Sapparod Gai/Gong (Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken/Prawn) @ RM 15 per plate.Where is the pineapple? Too bad, the fried rice doesn't taste good and the rice are cold!!

Stir Fried Chicken with Basil Leaves served with steamed rice @ RM 14. Okay!
Tom Yam Talay (Tom Yam Soup with Seafood) @ RM 14 per bowl. Should say tom yam soup with over cooked squids and 2 prawns.Special Thai Thai ABC @ RM 7 per bowl. Not so special anyway, too sweet. Try this at home, it might taste the same. Add sugar water with santan, portion of cooked sago, 2 pieces of honey due, strips of jack fruits, few cubes of mango and chestnut together. That's it!

It's definitely a good experience in dissapointment. Such a nice renovated and decorated place should serve something better. Rak Thai in Mid Valley, serves better food.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Chicken Hot Pot @ Restoran Chongqing, Kuchai

About Hot Pot ( as printed in their menu)
Hot Pot- A communal dish originating from Mongolia, now eaten in a variety of forms throughout East Asia.

Chicken Hot Pot- A communal dish originating from the culinary imagination of a man with too much time on his hands in Shanghai, now eaten across China, Malaysia & Hong Kong. Often served with extra napkins and cold beer to counter effect of the spicy, unmistakable and inimitable taste that has made this one of the top ten dishes to eat when visiting Shanghai.

History of Hot Pot, visit:

I visited this restaurant as one of my friend told me, it's nice and special. I was told, it's special because at first the Hot Pot is something like normal stir fried chicken with sauce(depends on what you ordered) and when you eat until the bottom it becomes a soup hot pot!!

I was like "WOW!!!" That's special.......and then here I am!!

Restaurant Chongqing Chicken Hot Pot @ Kuchai Lama

Chicken Hot Pot!
Other choices besides Chicken Hot Pot

So, how the hell can the dry hot pot turns into a soup hot pot ? How can it be so special? It's as simple as this, when you were half way having your meal, the servings inside the pot starts getting dry as the fire is still burning underneath the pot. And then.......the waiters/waitress will ask, do you want to add soup? Then you nod your head......they will them bring along a kettle filled with soup and poured it inside the pot!!!!!!!! That's it!!!No doubt overall the taste is good....and the spiciness can make you sweat....Can give it a try if you are as curious as me!

Rak Thai @ Mid Valley Megamall

Rak Thai is situated in the wing that connects Gardens to Mid Valley Megamall, a restaurant with simple decor and yet warming environment. We had a simple and satisfying lunch here. Because we are too hungry and not to spend too much time going through the menu, we ordered their Rak Thai Sets for 2-3 person. Foods served were better than expected and definitely worth it!

Simple decoration of Rak Thai Restaurant and they do sell Thai instant mee and products as well.

Rak Thai Sets (for 2-3 persons) @ RM 48.90++
Crispy Fried Fish Thai Chinese Style
Tom Yam Gai Fried
Kang Kung Thai Style
Thai Stuffed Omellete
Rice (2 bowls) Iced
Pandan Lemongrass Drink ( 2 glass)

Fish were crispy but a bit salty. Still taste great with rice!

Tom Yam Gai, which is their tom yam soup is special, not only because of it's color which is different, soup were tasty as well. May taste better if it is served with seafood instead of chicken. Chicken meat were tasteless though.

Stir fry chicken with basil leaves and chilly wrapped with omelette.Sorry no picture of Kang Kung cooked in Thai Style, I was too hungry and since it's first served, part of it is already in my stomach.

I will never forget this drink! It's a simple but a marvelous drink!

Wanna try their Thai Mango Chicken Chop Rice next round! Yummy yummy~~~ I love mango! And also mango sticky rice! I miss the one I had in Bangkok last time!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Social @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

A perfect venue to social around! The Social- bar-restaurant-poolroom, basically a place for fine dining, drinking, pool wtih fantastic music. Wanted to visit Aliyaa that day to try their Sri Lankan food , but it was closed, so is The Courtyard Garden, which is next to it. I found out later, that Aliyaa and The Courtyard Garden are closed on Sundays. Too bad.....

So this is how we end up having our dinner at The social, which is our first visit here! Since this is our first visit, we opt to order what was suggested from the menu, except for the drinks.

*Chefs special-Half dozen escargots baked with cream and garlic served with toasted baguette. This taste great, not as expected by me. The taste of the baked cream with garlic is just perfect, not to salty not to creamy. But it's fattening though....

Marina Aglio Oglio Pasta
- "Chef's Special" as recommended in the menu- served with squids, prawns and clams in roasted chilli & garlic oil @ RM 24. The pasta turns out to be a bit disappointing as for me the taste of the pasta sauce taste like the you know our local maggi mee vegetarian flavor taste? The pasta sauce taste alike with the maggi vegetarian flavored soup, which is full of pepper taste. On top of that, the squids and prawns are overcooked and you have to chew hard.

Thai Green Curry- "must try!!
' as recommended in the menu as well. Steam rice served with chicken or beef with bamboo,aubergines and fragrant basil and fried egg @ RM 18. The green curry was not as spicy as expected, no fragrant from the basil added. Overall, it could be better, though!

Perhaps, it's just a place for drinking and pool, music and socializing, not for fine dining. And lastly, here I am with my detox drinks.The green juice taste like green pepper juice, the red juice taste more like carrot juice. Anyway.....hope it helps me in detox-ing.

Green juice- celery, apple, bitter gourd, cucumber, green pepper @ RM 13/ glass
Red juice- watermelon, carrot & orange @ RM 13/glass

For futher details, visit:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chilli Pan Mee @ Restoran Kin Kin

I think I am the last person who's gonna blog about Chilli Pan Mee @ Restoran Kin Kin. Who cares? I still want to write something about it! It has been quite sometime since my last visit. I remember the last time we went there, one of my friend asked the guy who served us "can't you speak politely???", The guy who is apparently owner of the restaurant, laughed and walked away.

If you are visiting this place in the afternoon, you will find it extremely crowded and you got to queue up to be sited. By the time when you sit in, the stuffiness in the shop has taken away all your mood to eat. And then comes the rude auntie who is going to take drinks order. By the time you look at her face and the way she talks while arranging for customers to share their tables, you will feel like slapping her! Like as if, we owed her few million dollars!

Well, well......My suggestions is........go there during dinner time rather than lunch time. No doubt, this is still the best Chili Pan Mee in town. I have tried others in Kuchai, Puchong & Damansara, but I just prefer this....this original Chilli Pan Mee @ Restoran Kin Kin which I have been revisiting since year 2002.

The noodles is served with an half cooked egg, so that you can mixed it up with the noodles together with their special spicy chilli paste before you eat. The texture and tenderness of their noodles are just nice, youu will know it from your first bite.Mere words could not describe the heavenly taste of the noodles. Just go for a try! If you are a forgiving person, you can go during lunch hour, or else....dinner time please!

All noodles served are standard in size, it's written on their counter " No big, No small". Price for a bowl would be RM 5.30. For the past few years, I have been seeing the same notice on the wall which is written with a marker," We have no branches!!" But this time, it's different! This is what I have noted!

For those that can't really take spicy food beware, don't act like a hero! and Don't take whiskey after that....or will suffer!

Do you know?
Bǎn miàn is a Hokkien-style egg noodle soup common in parts of China, Fujian province
(the province where my ancestors lived) Ban mian served in parts of China, such as in northern Fujian, comprises egg noodles which are boiled, and served in sesame butter sauce, and in soup.


Restoran Kin Kin
40 Ground Floor,
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Chow Kit Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saisaki @ Wisma UOA Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur

Remember my post in June 08 mentioning that I will be visiting Saisaki in Aug 08? Yes.. I was there for our company staff gathering in 080808. To compare Saisaki and Shogun, there are not much differences, just that Saisaki offers more varieties of food. Didn't eat much either, but the gathering was fun!
I remember I told Jessie I wasn't in a mood to go....although I like eating. She told me...just go and enjoy and I did!

Saisaki @ Menara UOA
Managed to take 1 photo of their food display and someone stop me for doing so after that!

Jessie & I were guessing what was Eliz looking at from her handphone...4D? Shoudn't be it's Friday!!

Oooopsss!!Full with food or drinks??

Yo!! What you eating man???

Eliz has her supporters.....Yuhoo~~~ Claps for her!

Hahahahaha....Mr. Possess is so possessed!!

Representative from account team!! Bottoms Up!
Seems like Mr. Lee likes to appear in everyone's camera!~LOL~ Kiasu! comes my.....HONEY!!! She smiles.....Honey...thank you.....

Lastly, here I am.....posting with the Jinro Soju. Soju is a distilled beverage native to Korea and is clear in color and typically varies in alcohol content from about 20% to about 45%. Jinro is the brand itself and is the is the largest manufacturer of soju. This is my first time trying Soju and it taste like Vodka, a bit sweeter than Vodka actually. Basically that's about not going to blah~~ with this.

Am glad that the gathering turned out to be fun. Although, sometimes the environment in our office is so tense, but it seems like everyone is enjoying themselves! I hope my that I am not offending anyone with those photos I edited...Cheers~~ to all of you!! May everyone stays happy and healthy!