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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Social @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

A perfect venue to social around! The Social- bar-restaurant-poolroom, basically a place for fine dining, drinking, pool wtih fantastic music. Wanted to visit Aliyaa that day to try their Sri Lankan food , but it was closed, so is The Courtyard Garden, which is next to it. I found out later, that Aliyaa and The Courtyard Garden are closed on Sundays. Too bad.....

So this is how we end up having our dinner at The social, which is our first visit here! Since this is our first visit, we opt to order what was suggested from the menu, except for the drinks.

*Chefs special-Half dozen escargots baked with cream and garlic served with toasted baguette. This taste great, not as expected by me. The taste of the baked cream with garlic is just perfect, not to salty not to creamy. But it's fattening though....

Marina Aglio Oglio Pasta
- "Chef's Special" as recommended in the menu- served with squids, prawns and clams in roasted chilli & garlic oil @ RM 24. The pasta turns out to be a bit disappointing as for me the taste of the pasta sauce taste like the you know our local maggi mee vegetarian flavor taste? The pasta sauce taste alike with the maggi vegetarian flavored soup, which is full of pepper taste. On top of that, the squids and prawns are overcooked and you have to chew hard.

Thai Green Curry- "must try!!
' as recommended in the menu as well. Steam rice served with chicken or beef with bamboo,aubergines and fragrant basil and fried egg @ RM 18. The green curry was not as spicy as expected, no fragrant from the basil added. Overall, it could be better, though!

Perhaps, it's just a place for drinking and pool, music and socializing, not for fine dining. And lastly, here I am with my detox drinks.The green juice taste like green pepper juice, the red juice taste more like carrot juice. Anyway.....hope it helps me in detox-ing.

Green juice- celery, apple, bitter gourd, cucumber, green pepper @ RM 13/ glass
Red juice- watermelon, carrot & orange @ RM 13/glass

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