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Monday, August 18, 2008

Rak Thai @ Mid Valley Megamall

Rak Thai is situated in the wing that connects Gardens to Mid Valley Megamall, a restaurant with simple decor and yet warming environment. We had a simple and satisfying lunch here. Because we are too hungry and not to spend too much time going through the menu, we ordered their Rak Thai Sets for 2-3 person. Foods served were better than expected and definitely worth it!

Simple decoration of Rak Thai Restaurant and they do sell Thai instant mee and products as well.

Rak Thai Sets (for 2-3 persons) @ RM 48.90++
Crispy Fried Fish Thai Chinese Style
Tom Yam Gai Fried
Kang Kung Thai Style
Thai Stuffed Omellete
Rice (2 bowls) Iced
Pandan Lemongrass Drink ( 2 glass)

Fish were crispy but a bit salty. Still taste great with rice!

Tom Yam Gai, which is their tom yam soup is special, not only because of it's color which is different, soup were tasty as well. May taste better if it is served with seafood instead of chicken. Chicken meat were tasteless though.

Stir fry chicken with basil leaves and chilly wrapped with omelette.Sorry no picture of Kang Kung cooked in Thai Style, I was too hungry and since it's first served, part of it is already in my stomach.

I will never forget this drink! It's a simple but a marvelous drink!

Wanna try their Thai Mango Chicken Chop Rice next round! Yummy yummy~~~ I love mango! And also mango sticky rice! I miss the one I had in Bangkok last time!

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