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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Markets @ Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, Kota Kinabalu

It is always the matter of time when you are traveling to this town. Yes! Kota Kinabalu a busy but relaxing old town. Along Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens there are about 4-5 markets. I missed the Gaya Market which is the famous Sunday Market in Kota Kinabalu. Gaya market operates only on Sunday from morning till afternoon. Too bad... I reached Kota Kinabalu only at late noon.

But.......... I do enjoy strolling down the market right in front of Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu There are a few types of markets along the Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens:

Food Market Kota Kinabalu

Food Market @ day time

Stalls selling local snacks - Amplang, Kuih cin cin etc

Food market @ Night

Stall selling Malay mixed rice

Stall offering grilled fresh seafood

During mid noon, the food stalls begins it's operation. Common food stall offers mee goreng tuaran, soto ayam, bakso, soto daging and drinks. At night, there are more food stalls operating and the most common food that can be found here are the Sabah version of grilled chicken wings, satay and grilled fresh seafood. And you don't know what's for supper? Don't worry, the stalls here operate till 12 am!

Fruits Market Kota Kinabalu

Situated to the right of the food market would be the fruits market. The front rows are mostly stall selling coconuts, coconuts drinks and pudding. A place to quench your thirst!

Behind this row of stalls offering coconuts, there are stalls which sell various kind of fruits. Banana and mangoes are commonly found here and there is a fruit which is highly recomended to everyone which is "TARAP" - the white nangka. Too bad, there are two kind of fruits in my must try list that I did not manage to try out. One would be the tarap fruit and the other one is the wild durian.

Fruit Market @ Kota Kinabalu

Stall selling coconuts, coconuts crinks & pudding

Other fruit stalls

Wet Market Kota Kinabalu

Right behind the rows of fruits stalls is where the wet markets are located. You will find stalls selling fresh seafood, seaweeds and besutiful corals.

I did not walk further in as I hate walking along the wet lanes with the stinky pungent smell. Am not doing any shopping for seafood too.




Handicraft Market Kota Kinabalu

The handicraft market also known at the Filipino market is situated to the left of the food market. It's a covered market and you will find rows and rows of stalls selling handicrafts especially the pearls handicraft. Beautiful handicrafts of souveniors can be found here, you may want to bargain but for me, it's not advisable to shop for souveniers here. Myself prefer to shop in Warisan Square.

Salted fish market

Further down to the left, right after the Handicraft Market, there is a market that sells only dried seafood. Salted fish, dried shrimps and perhaps some local snacks are sold here.

Salted Fish market

Dried shrimps

Dried seafood, salted fish and local snacks

If you are a great shopper, most of your time might be spend strolling down the markets to search for some gems in there! Or else, you might just want to have a look and that's it!

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