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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sabah Food- Kota Kinabalu Food Market & Fruits Market

Although it is only a short trip and although the rain held up our plans, I am still happy with my little discovery in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Just right across Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu, there are three markets for us to explore. That would be the fruits market, food market and handicraft (Filipino) market. Further down to the right would be The Waterfront of Kota Kinabalu, which is a place for a drink and snacks!

Fruits Market, Food Market & Handicraft (Filipino) Market @ Tun Fuad Stephens Road, Kota Kinabalu

Food Market in the afternoon

Soto Noodles @ RM 3.00
I was suprised that the Soto Noodles broth was clear. This is my first time trying such a diiferent bowl of soto noodle, light and yet tasteful. Add in the bird's eye chilli pepper paste provided! It makes me crave for another bowl....No no... there are more to try later!

Fried Tuaran Noodles @ RM 3.00
In Kota Kinabalu, at most restaurants, the fried noodles would be the fried tuaran noodles. It's not the instant noodles or oil noodles (lye-water noodles) that they are frying, instead it's the noodles made from batter of egg yolks and flour. It's amazing as they are frying it rather than preparing in soup or cook the noodles with boiled water and add in some soy sauce to taste. When fried, the aroma of the egg makes the noodle dish tasty and yummy!

Fruits Market @ Tun Fuad Stephens Road, Kota Kinabalu
After having lunch, perhaps you might want to walk around at the handicrafts market. I did it too! Although there are lots of souvenirs, handicrafts and also especially accessories made from pearls that attracts us, but it's definitely not a good place, things are quite pricey here. It's better to shop at Warisan Square an air conditioned shopping square, you can bargain here too!

Some coconut juice for you? Cold coconut juice @ RM 3.00/ coconut
We then walked back to the fruits market, too bad it's raining heavily! There are few types of fruits that i have missed here! The wild durians (not the season now) and tarap (the white jackfruit).

Coconut pudding @ RM 2.50- A great try! Tasted good! Soft, soothing & refreshing

Food Market at night
The markets operate till late. So it's time to go down for some supper! Kota Kinabalu- the seafood paradise! Grilled seafood and grilled chicken wings are recommended here!

Stalls selling grilled chicken wings @ The Food Market

Malay dishes @ Food Market

Grilled seafood @ Food market
The best part of the food market! Perfectly grilled and aromatic seafood! There are place at the edge of a long table after grilled. Sit along the table and enjoy the tempting, delicious and mouth watering grilled seafood!

There are lots and lots of fruits and food here! Further down to the left there is a salted fish market and right behind the fruits market, there are stalls selling fresh seafood and vegetables.

These markets- A must visit if you are in Kota Kinabalu!

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