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Friday, March 6, 2009

Seafood porridge by Lushia

Having sore throat lately. Am back from work and don't know whats for dinner. Peep into the fridge and see what's available for cooking. I then, decided to boil some porridge for myself. Seafood porridge!

To boil porridge within a shorter time and without using the slow cooker, this is what I do:

Rice blending & boiling
-Wash rice till clean
-Blend rice and add in some water
-Remove from blender and start boiling porridge

Ingredients preparation
-Run the dry scallop with water then soak it with a bowl of warm water
-Cut fish into pieces and keep the leftover parts (bones), add in salt, pepper and sesame oil- place aside
-Wash, clean and remove the prawn shells, prawns head are soak with warm water too
- Slivers of ginger
- 2 small cubes of anchovies stock, pepper and salt to taste

-Pour in the water from the soaked scallop and prawns head to the pot of boiling porridge.
-Add in slivers of ginger and soaked dried scallop
-Place the fish bone in the pot of porridge to boil together.
-Add in the cut fish to boil.
-Lastly, place the prawns in the pot of boiling porridge and remove an place in a bowl once cooked

The result
My bowl of seafood porridge! Add in cooked prawns only when ready to serve, or else it's over cook. Gruel and soft, sweet and salty in taste. The taste of sweetness from the dried scallop and fish is appetizing and tasteful. Am not self complementing myself okay........just something to share with everyone. Perhaps you might want to try this.... A bowl for you? Be my friend........


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