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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Water Crest Valley ( Lee & Chiew Farm)

Should be Watercress NOT Water Crest!!

Water Crest Valley ( Lee & Chiew Farm) was not in my visit list but somehow, out of curiosity, I requested a stop at this farm after our visit to Rose Valley. Watercress (西洋菜-literally means western vegetable) is one of the oldest green leafy vegetable known to man. This vegetable is a perfect natural multi vitamin, body detoxification with curative power to certain illnesses. For more information- google it!

I personally like watercress dishes especially watercress soup or stir fry watercress. Other than that, watercress drinks are good too! It's soothing and helps to reduce body heat. Anyway, vegetables are always good for health!! Are there any body damaging vegetables????

Entrance fees: Adult : MYR 1.00 Childrens: MYR 0.50

Water Cress Valley Sdn Bhd

Lot UT/KF/F160,
Jalan Besar
Batu 44 Tringkap
39100 Cameron Highlands

Tel: +605 485 4329


Anonymous said...

I ate in this restaurant and the price was ridiculously charged. I vowed never to eat here again. So to all tourists- stay away from this restaurant

LS said...

Hi Anonymous,

I was only there for drinks.

Didn't try out their steamboat though. Feel bad for you.
Thanks for sharing your experiences.