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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rose Valley @ Tringkap, Cameron Highlands

The symbol of love,purity, innocence, sympathy and secrecy. Rose, a flower with long and colorful history.

What's you favorite rose color? How much do you know about this flower?

Well, if you are interested to know more, there are two places in Cameron Highlands for tourist to witness how roses are grown- Rose Center@ Kea Farm, Brinchang & Rose Valley @ Tringkap- about 15 minutes drive from Brinchang town.

A farm big enough to sight various species of roses in a variety of colors.

Rose Valley @ Tringkap
Rose in full bloom. Carefull!! It pricks!!

Rose Valley

148, Tringkap,
Cameron Highlands,

39100 Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: +605- 496 1620

Fax: +605- 496 1049
Open Daily: 8 am- 6 pm

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