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Friday, December 12, 2008

KangSane Restaurant

I wonder why......most of my friends doesn't fancy Korean food but not me. This time I visited Little Korea @ Ampang. In most countries, there is a Korea town and as for Malaysia, our Korea town is located at Ampang, an area long known for many Korean businesses, restaurants and stores operated by Korean residing in Malaysia.

Various side dishes known as Banchan
About banchan

Banchan refers to various of small side dishes served in Korean meal. This small dishes are served as a shared dishes before the main course is served. The most famous banchan is kimchi (fermented vegetables with chilli pepper and salt). Others commonly sevred would be Korean style potato salad, Kimchijeon (pancake with Kimchi) or Kongnamui cold boiled bean sprouts with sesame oil. Konganamui is categorised as Namui one of the side dish where vegetables are steamed, marinated or stir fried usually seasoned with sesame oil, salt,garlic, pepper etc.

Banchan served before main course
Not forgetting my favorite Kim Chi Zzigye, bean paste soup with Kim chi, tou fu and meat.

Sam Giup Sal @ RM 25 per order & Kalbee @ RM 25 per order

Gogi gui (Korean barbeque)
We ordered portion of marinated and non-marinated porks to BBQ.

About Korean BBQ (Gogi gui)
Korean barbeque also known as gogi gui, refers to Korean method of griling meats like beef, pork,chicken. The meats are grilled at the diner's table using charcoal grills which is built in the middle of the table. At home, probably portable stoves are used.

The most popular form of Koran barbecue is galbi which is marinated beef. However, Korean barbeque includes many other kinds of meat.

After grilling, pieces of meat can be wrap with the vegetbles provided and add on some side dishes to eat along. It's hot and cold......pleasantly inviting for another bite.

Free dessert served after meal. Sort of ABC alike, but it's served with fresh milk. A desirable dessert.

The most distinguishing feature of Korean food would be the way the food are prepared. Most food are prepared with various types of seasonings making the meal a tantalizing taste of success. After having a pleasant and satisfying Korean meal, you probably would like to stroll down the street to shop for some Korean stuffs....

Korean groceries store @ Little Korea, Ampang
Everything sell by the store are imported from Korea even cereals and drinks where we have it locally are in Korean packaging.

Grabed some junk food for myself......

KangSane Restaurant
C5-1, Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1,
One Ampang Avenue, 68000 Ampang
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03- 4251 2598
H/P: 012-292 8735

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