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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boh Tea Centre @ Sungai Palas, Cameron Highland

It's an exhilarating experience trip to be Boh Tea Centre! Boh Tea Centre it's an ideal place to enjoy a great cup of BOH tea in a relaxing environment while admiring the breathtaking , spectacular view overlooking the neat tea bushes.

Boh Tea Centre with a 20 feet Hanging Platform @ Sungai Palas

20 feet platform, tea area

Seri Songket Collection- Lychee with Rose (flavored tea)
The oriental Lychee includes an aromatic note of sweet fruit, for a truly aromatic brew. The soft blooms of the richly performed Rose yield it's enchanting nature for the tea. It's a welcoming drink.

The Seri SOngket Collection make a rane of reviving hot tea drinks and also a refreshing coolers.

Cameron Valley Tea House by Cameron Bharat Plantations

Cameron Bharat Plantations owns two tea houses. The first Cameron Valley Tea House is located along the main road between Ringlet to Tanah Rata was established in year 2001. In year 2005, the second tea house was set up on the main road between Tringkap and Kampung Raja.

Cameron Valley Tea House, also a famous tourist spot serves a wide variety of teas and snack. A tea house overlooking the panaromic view of the Bharat tea plantations.

Cameron Valley Tea House by Cameron Bharat Plantations

Lemon Tea & Strawberry Cheesecake

Seatings are Cameron Valley Tea House are limited, you might need to wait but it's definitely worth waiting. The top selling teas- premium tea and flavoured tea.

It's an excellent tea house for a cup of tea and enjoy snacking homemade scones and cheesecakes away from the bustle of downtown!

Cameron Valley Tea House
Main road along Ringlet to Tanah Rata

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe @ Brinchang, Cameron Highland


Strawberry Moment Dessert cafe, an affiliate of Green View Garden offers exciting strawberry desserts. The tempting desserts are prepared with strawberries and hydroponic vegetables from their own farm.

A week before my visit to Cameron Highland, I have been looking around for details and I came a cross an article recommending. What else?- Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe is a must visit for a dessert lover like me!!

Strawberry strudels @ RM 6.90 per slice
Strawberry strudels is one of the cafe's signature dessert. Strudels, believed to be an Austrian originated cuisine is a sweet layered pastry made from a thin sheet of dough rolled up with filling and baked.
Pastry tasted slightly salty, layered and filled with custard mixed with cinnamon powder and fresh cream. The sweetness of the filling goes well with the fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Milkshake
Fresh, sweet and tangy! Get a boost of Vitamin C with this drink. A drink that seduces one's taste bud.

Strawberry Chocolate Crepe @ RM 9.90
Crepe, a french origin thin pancake. Strawberry Chocolate Crepe cafe serves sweet crepe topped with fresh strawberries served with chocolate syrup. I like the presentation of this dessert, as taste wise, nothing much to describe as I knew I can prepare this back at home. Well, it's always- The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!! One fine day, I will try to prepare this......... one fine day.......

FYI-Free Wi-fi available at Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe


Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe
23-24 Jalan Angsana Satu
Brinchang Point ,
39100 Cameron Highland,

Tel: +605- 491 2061
Fax: +605- 498 1982

Green View Garden @ Cameron Highland

Having a great retreat from the city, you might not forgotten your dear ones back at home. Besides key chains and fridge magnets, why not, get some delicious local food products for them?
If you are planning to do so, Green View Garden's latest outlet at Brinchang town would be best place to shop!!

The outlet offers varieties of premium product and you probably ended up wanting to buy everything!

Jams, Strawberry coffee/cappuccino powder, chocolates, cookies and etc.

My favorite among all, the coffee milk chocolate and strawberry milk and white chocolate. The coffee milk chocolate are round in shape and in chocolate, there is a coffee bean . Take a bite and you can hear the crunching sound of the coffee bean. Not suitable- for kids or if you are not a fan of coffee. Taste is quite strong and it definitely makes you stay awake!!

As for the strawberry milk and white chocolate, there are dried strawberries in each chocolate. Bitter, sweet and sour. Love the tangy feel of it!! Anyone, going to Cameron Highland? Please get me a dozen of strawberry milk and white chocolate!
Sorry... out of pics!! As I have been delaying my post, I have finished eating everything

Green View Garden has its own farm at Kampun Raja, which is further down from Tringkap. It's an integrated one stop tourist centre. A Too bad, we didn't make it. Other than this, Green View Garden owns a cafe too! A dessert cafe- Strawberry Moment! Don't miss it too!!


Green View Garden

23, Jalan Angsana Satu,

Brinchang Point,
Cameron Highland,

Charcoal Steamboat @ Cameron Highlands

What's for dinner at Cameron Highlands? There are many Chinese restaurants at Brinchang town and most of the restaurants serves charcoal steamboat by evening. At noon, these restaurants serves typical Chinese dishes. I had a great vegetable lunch myself and am not posting it as I was too hungry when we reach there- No pictures captured.

Be assured with crowds by night time. Although there are countless (okay... I didn't count) restaurants that serves charcoal steamboat, each of the restaurant are fully occupied.

Charcoal Steamboat with tall funnel
Unlike the steamboat we had in other places, at Cameron Highlands, most of the restaurant serves steamboat with charcoal. Charcoals are lighted and a pot of tasty soups are place on top with a tall funnel in the middle. Having steamboat using electrical pot or gas stove and charcoal is different. Charcoal steamboat does not allow you to adjust the heat setting. The soup keeps boiling all the way and it tends to be more aromatic. I prefer charcoal steamboat with a tall funnel or else you will see glimpse of fire shooting up from the funnel.

@ RM 20 ++ per person

Having steamboat is the perfect option especially at the cooling hill named- Cameron Highland.

Brinchang Town