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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee @ Berjaya Times Square

As everyone know, Krispy Kreme is in town!! Good news for all those who fancy doughnuts . So, is that be a good news for me too??? Well, I would say it's a good try! Believe it or not for 20 over years I live my life, this is the first time I finish a whole doughnut! Okay... should be more than 1 doughnut. Thanks to Boolicious on her earlier post "Previewing Kirspy Kreme's Original Glazed Doughnuts" or else I wouldn't be much interested to try.

27 April 2009 @ 8.20 am

Krispy Kreme @ Berjaya Times Square, KL
Don't get me wrong! I am not in the queue as I am just passing by while I was on my way to office. Honestly, although I am aware that Krispy Kreme is actually giving away prizes for early birds on the first day but I didn't expect the queue could be so long. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts proved me wrong! They do have lots of fans!

About Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
A famous international doughnuts stores chain that was initially based only in United States in 1937. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is popular with its very own product which is their traditional glazed doughnuts. Over the years, Krispy Kreme spread their wings and successfully landed in other countries.

Founder of Krispy Kreme: Vernon Carver Rudolph

As in Malaysia, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee is also brought to us also by Berjaya Corporation.

Thanks to my fellow colleagues who helps to me to get 1/2 a dozen of Krispy Kreme's assorted doughnuts for me during lunch time. The original glazed doughnuts are at RM 2.50 each and the assorted doughnuts cost RM 2.80 each. If you would like to try more, perhaps you may go for their dozen deal or double dozen deal which is slightly cheaper.

About Krispy Kreme's Doughnuts
Terrific! The doughnuts are soft and fluffy. Definitely, it's fresh and the glaze... it melts upon the first bite. Serve warm or not.. it's still as good as it is!

This is what they have picked for me:

1. Hershey's Cookies & Creams
Freshly baked torus shaped doughnut topped with cookies and creme. The topping tasted more like white chocolate and it's sprinkled over with crusty cookies. Sweet.

2. Chocolate Glazed Cake
Chocolate glazed cake. This is the first piece among the 1/2 dozen of doughnut that I chomped off. It's extremely good but extraordinarily sugary.

3. Chocolate Iced Cake
Vanilla cake top coated with chocolate. Not too rich, not too sweet. Just right!

4. New York Cheesecake

One of the different among the six. Filled with rich and smooth cream and then topped with cereal coating. Combination of soft and crunchy. Wonderful and pleasing!

5. Glazed cruller

It's a vanilla cake doughnut made by twisting two pieces of dough together and then finished with a layer of glaze. I like the feeling of chewing the cakes and the glazed together. The glazed layer is a bit crunchy at first and then slowly it melts in mouth.(Very sweet)

6. Chocolate Iced Glazed
The great old fashion doughnut top with a coat of rich chocolate icing. The doughnut itself is good and with the coating, it tasted even better for a chocolate lover like me!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee currently offers 16 varieties of doughnuts. Some sweet snacks for you? Here you go........


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee @ Berjaya Times Square
Lot 09-26, Level 9, Berjaya Times Square,
No 1, Jalan Imbi,55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-2119 7373
Operation Hours:10am-10pm

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee @ Mid Valley Megamall
Opening soon- May 2009


Sunday, April 26, 2009

HORRIBLE Tea Time @ Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, The Curve

A Sunday that begins with a perfect breakfast and then continued with a SOUR Tea Time @ WINTER WARMERS, THE Curve!!!!

Our first impression towards Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House was good or else we wouldn't revisit. But, we were totally wrong! The second visit left us with a "NO MORE REVISIT" impression. Why so??? Because......... we were served with stale and rotten food!

Stated in their menu:

Afternoon Tea for 2 @ RM 29.90
Double served of everything on the afternoon tea for one menu. For you to enjoy with a friend or someone special: scones, cakes, sandwiches, cookies, fresh seasonal fruits and two steaming pots of original black tea. * Add RM 1.00 to change to other beverage.

Afternoon Tea for 2 @ RM 29.90
Looks tempting to you?? Okay... yes and no. Well, doesn't matter if it look tempting or not, how about the taste? We both started our tea with the cookies serve on the top layer of the 3 tier food display stand. Mmm... nothing special. Then comes the Tiramisu cake and Lemon Cheese Cake.

Cut the Lemon Cheese Cake into half and took a big bite of it and guess what??!!! It stinks like a baby's spitting up after milk feeding. So, I complained to the waiter that the cheesecake taste kinda weird- sourly bitter and smells bad. He goes like... " Ah huh... I will replace it with another piece of cake?" And so he did replace a piece of Caramel Cake to us. Fine............. we weren't that pissed off actually.

Munch munch munch... next would be the tuna sandwich. Chomped half of the sandwich and .......(yucksssss) I spitted out! Gross.............It's fishy, bitter and sour tasting. And I felt some stinging and prickling sensation in my mouth and my throat goes very dry!! Initially, I told Jessie to try some but then told her not to!

I asked for the bill and here is my conversation with the waiter:

Me : Hey, the tuna sandwich taste weird and it stinks!
Him: Oh.. your tongue, can you feel the stinging sensation?
Me : Yes!
Him: Must be the's contaminated.
Me : Huh???? You know the tuna is rotten and still serves it to you customer?
Him: What if I replace it with another......
Me : (Smile) No thanks!

A MESSAGE TO THE BUSINESS OPERATOR- I know you are doing business, trying to make the best profit with lowest cost BUT that doesn't mean you can serve stale, rotten and contaminated food to your customers and put their health to risk!

Poor Jessie and me... we are having STOMACH ACHE!!!

I know it's not good to condemn Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, do look at the brighter side, I am just asking them to improve and don't want the others to be the next victim.

What will you do if you were us?

San Francisco Coffee @ Lot 10, KL

I could have wake up early in the morning and prepare breakfast by myself, but I didn't. I find myself drifting far far away from the kitchen nowadays. All because of a lame excuse- I am tired! Being not a constant cook but with an affection towards baking and cooking, my kitchen are quite well equipped. Somehow, I noticed that those equipments are more like displays in the museum now.

Well...well.... whatever!

A beautiful Sunday begins with a pleasant breakfast and so, do enjoy the last day of the week to the fullest! As for this week, my warm Sunday begins with a cup of "Morning blend" coffee by San Francisco Coffee!

San Francisco Coffee @ Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur
San Francisco Coffee, from a single outlet in year 1997 has expanded to 27 outlets in Malaysia. A brand for premium coffee and good food with excellent service! And guess what?? San Francisco coffee offers breakfast set too!! There are about 5-6 types of breakfast sets and each breakfast set comes with a cup of coffee /tea which is refillable until 12 noon (Can you drink that much???).

Morning blend comes with the breakfast set

Omelette set @ RM 12.50 with a cup of coffee (refillable)

Omelette set by San Francisco Coffee

"So, what's so special with this set?" (This question just popped up in your mind?)
Well, the Omelette Set by San Francisco Coffee is quite appealing. I mean the omelette not the toast or the red beans! The slightly cheesed omelette with diced tomatoes are prepared with a generous portion of cut hams. Dash some pepper to taste and the result was marvelous!

Burito Set @ RM 9.95 with a cup of coffee (refillable)

Burito Set by San Franciso Coffee
As mentioned earlier, there a a few sets of breakfast offered by San Francisco Coffee. I was looking around and I found the most unattractive breakfast set display among the others which is named as Burito Set! Okay- I ordered Burito Set!

Diced tomatoes, cut sausages, scrambled eggs, mayonnaise and cheese wrapped with tortillas and then grilled before served. Am amused with the grilling idea as the combination of aromatic grilled tortilla with the slightly melted cheese , juicy tomatoes, eggs and sausages was perfect. An awesome breakfast set!

And you don't know where to head for breakfast? Consider San Francisco Coffee!

Life is Good! A simple byword of San Francisco Coffee!

Please note:
This is the outlet in Lot 10 KL, which I find their breakfast set prepared is appealing. Am not sure about the performance of other outlets as sometimes the taste and service might differ from outlets to outlets. Try your luck!

List San Francisco Coffee outlets:

Have A Wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teochew porridge by Restaurant Lock Tin (乐园潮州粥) @ Old Klang Road

Lock Tin, a teochew porridge restaurant initially operating in a small and humble hut hidden behind a snooker plaza along Old Klang Road has moved to a shop lot across the road! Even the restaurant has moved to a shop lot, somehow the location of the restaurant is still not easy to be spotted. Kinda weird, but still as crowded as before.

About Teochew porridge (congee)

Teochew also known as Chaozou is located is Guangdong China and Teo chew porridge is believed to be one of their cultural dining style.
Porridge known as "mui" is the teochew version of rice porridge. Porridge are watery with visible rice grains and normally served with various types of dishes like fish, preserved meats and eggs etc.

Lock Tin (Lock In) Teo Chew Porridge along Old Klang Road

Varieties of dishes by Lock Tin Teo Chew Porridge-1

Varieties of dishes by Lock Tin Teo Chew Porridge-2
Restaurant Lock Tin prepares 30 types of delectable dishes everyday. Dishes include vegetables, fish, meat and preserved food. All dishes are fresh and definitely not some leftovers. With that much of selection, one can hardly resist to dine in at Lock Tin. It's alright if you do not fancy porridge as they do serve rice as well and most important of all, the prices are reasonable compared to others.

Some selection of dishes for dinner with a bowl of double boiled lotus root soup and yes, that means there are double boiled soups available too.

Lotus Root Soup by Restaurant Lock Tin
My post doesn't end here and it continues with seafood theme. Also there are various type of seafood porridge serve by Lock Tin. Looks delicious but am yet to try!

Varieties of seafood porridge
At Lock Tin, diners get a simple but perfect dining experience. It's a perfect stop over for a brief dinner where delicious, freshly prepared food to delight the palate.

Lock Tin Teo chew Porridge
17-1 (Behind Public Bank)

Jalan Kelang Lama,

58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012- 6797 488/ 012- 2586 955

Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings 黄亚华 烧鸡翼@ Jalan Alor

It has been a very busy week. A week where everything has to be quick. Quick lunch, quick dinner... quick quick quick! Hmpf! Anyway, I was craving for grilled chicken wings . And so, where else? Of course Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings 黄亚华 烧鸡翼@ Jalan Alor, KL! Had a quick and early dinner here but a real pleasant dinner especialy with the delicious chicken wings.

Wong Ah Wah Grilled Chicken Wings @ Jalan Alor

Grilling skillfully

Grilled chicken wings by Wong Ah Wah @ Jalan Alor

Grilled chicken wings by Wong Ah Wah @ Jalan Alor

Famous over the years, Wong Ah Wah is sure to delight everyones taste buds with their delicious grilled chicken wings. Perfectly marinated and expertly grilled, the outer layer of the chicken wings are grilled to crispy covering the succulent, juicy and tender chicken meat. Take a bite and you will agree with me- it's absolutely delightful!

Besides chicken wings, the restaurant served various type of fried noodles, vegetables as well as seafood. And we orderd:

Roasted pork noodles
The roasted pork noodles tasted a bit different from what I have expected. Don't get me wrong, it tasted good but I still prefer the roasted pork noodles by Seng Kee @ Petaling Street.

Fried potato leafs
Brings back some old memories to me. Grandma used to prepare this vegetable dish for lunch. Fried in a simple way and yet delicious.

Well, that's about it. Ya, a song to share with all of you.....a song that I hum quite often

Thanks to the late Hong Kong comedian actress
Lydia Shum for the song!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mango Mania @ Bangsar

It's one of the cafe in my visit list! And finally... me, the mango lover visited Mango Mania, a dessert cafe that serves exotic mango flavored desserts.

Mango Mania

Mango Mania @ Bangsar

Cube cube mango @ RM 14.90
Ice blended mango juice serve with mango pudding, mango jelly and cut mango cubes. The combination of chewing aromatic mango jelly while slurping down the ice blended mango juice is appealing and satisfying. It's a thick but non creamy drink, a delightful treat!

Hot Sizzling Mango @ RM 14.90

Tried this before? It's grilled mango and it's served with lime wedges, strawberry, chocolate syrup and Yo Froz. Yo Froz is a premium 98% Fat free Yogurt Ice cream by Mango Mania. The Yo Froz tasted sour but smooth and creamy. Scoop a little and eat it with the hot grilled mango, it leaves a tanging sensation that makes you crave for more of it. Squeeze the lime wedges on the grilled mangoes if you would like too....

Tiramisu with Mango Yogurt and mixed nuts @ RM 12.90
Wanted to try their cheesecake but the friendly waitress recomended their new Tiramisu Mango Yogurt cake. Ordered and tried, tasted ordinary and the cake is too dry. Probably it's a fat free cake - I don't know, But then again, there are too much of cream with slight (almost to 0) mango taste. A disapointing try, a wrong pick indeed but it doesn;t spoil the whole visit just because I love Mangoes!!

Current promotion and set lunches by Mango Mania

Mango mania is not only a dessert house, there are a few food selection as well like spaghetti and burgers. Mango Mania dessert cafe, a great choice for mango mania like me, a place for fruity and hearty mango desserts with a comfortable environment to chill out.

Mango Mania,
36, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-22836899

Restaurant Fast Food Fish Head @ Sri Petaling

Stumbled on this restaurant while looking for a place to dine as it is quite late after work that night. It's almost 10 pm and besides food court where else? So, I suggested to look around in Sri Petaling and while Sam was driving, I saw a signboard- Restaurant Fast Food Fish Head. I kinda like ...
fast food fish head !! Obviously, I know it's not a fast food chain restaurant but am sort of curious and interested to dine in....

Restaurant Fast Food Fish Head @ Sri Petaling
Restaurant Fast Foo Fish Head serves fresh water fish dishes as well as other seafood too. Although it's not a fast food chain restaurant, their service was good and the time taken to prepare our food was fast too!

Steamed Cat Fish (白须公) (Ikan Baung)@ RM 5.50/100 gram
Steamed baung fish with fermented black beans and soy sauce topped with thin shredded fried ginger . Steamed fish with fermented black beans and ginger is their signature dish. Fish is fresh and not bony, steamed in a simple style but fulfilling in taste. It's a pleasant one!

Deep fried squids
I love the deep fried squids with salt and pepper mix serve by this restaurant. Although it is a very common dish, most of the time the deep fried squids serve in some eateries are tasteless. The deep fried squids serve here is soft with chewy effect, crispy and flavorful. On top of that, we ordered another stir fried string beans with dried shrimps. Out of words to describe, taste wise- it's good!

As I am done with my dinner, I looked around at the other tables... I see lots of tempting dishes here! And I said to myself- I WILL BE BACK!


Restaurant Fast Food Fish Head
58, Jalan R adin Tengah,
57000 Sri Petaling

Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-90585397

Other reviews by:
Lots of CRaVings

Emperor Q by MOF @ Pavillion KL

While looking for a restaurant for lunch in Pavilion, we came across Emperor Q. And I said, Look!! Look at the desserts displayed! It's almost same as MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee, the dessert house opposite Emperor Q! Out of curiosity, we decided to do lunch at Emperor Q. Then, I looked around and I saw Emperor Q by MOF!!

Emperor Q @ Pavilion KL
A well renovated restaurant that provides a perfect dining ambience. With their attractive menu and food display sets at the entrance of the restaurant, Emperor Q, invites everyone to feast like a Japanese/Chinese emperor!

Click in to view their recent promo!
Emperor Q offers a wide selection of food like and every page of the menu looks attractive. These are the selections of food offered by Emperor Q:
  • Salads
  • Emperor Dragon & Emperor Roll
  • Oriental Handroll & sushi
  • Ala carte- deep fried dishes
  • Ala carte- flaming claypot dishes
  • Soups
  • Porridge- looks good!
  • Hot stone- rice serve in hot stone with different selections
  • Rice meal- rice serve with a dish
  • Hot Noodles-Noodles served in soup with different selections (chicken, prawn or pork)
  • Cold noodles-Noodles served cold
  • Set Meals Hot plate-1 hot plate dish + 1 dish served with rice and sauces
The filling and toppings Emperor Q used to prepare the sushi and hand rolls are quite exclusive like char siew (BBQ pork) and roasted pork. If you are sushi lover, you might want try this out! It's tempting but we didn't order any . It's alright, there will always be a second visit! So what's for lunch?

Hot Noodles Served with Fried Chicken
I am not so sure if this is vermicelli (mian xian) also known as longevity noodles, but, it is referred as 面线 (mian xian) in their menu. The noodles are not in thin strands but has a smooth texture. The noodles are served in a bowl of sweet yet not salty and slighly herbal tasted soup topped with fried small anchovies, and choy sum. With or without the fried chicken, my bowl of hot noodles is good enough and satisfy me much.

Cold noodles- Minced pork & prawns
The noodles are served cold. Obviously, I don't like food served cold (how about sushi?) but this is acceptable. Tried a small scoop, yeap! the noodles are cold but toasting the noodles with the minced pork sauce, the noodle dish has it's own outstanding character. You may top up only @ RM 2.00 for Emperor Q's signature steamed egg in cuo (Cawan Mushi).

Long Jin Set @ RM 8.00- My set of tea
Emperor Q, passionately designed for the love of food, a restaurant where you will feast your senses on the treasure of Chinese and Japanese food and desserts. Desserts by MOF- must try!

Citibank credit card holder:- From now until April 30 2009, spent at least RM 100 and above, and enjoy 20% discount at Emperor Q. A complimentary pot of Chinese tea will also be served.


Emperor Q @ Pavilion KL
Level 1, Lot 1.02. 00 & 1.66.00
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012- 322 6310

Monday, April 13, 2009

100° C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant

Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ has always been a famous dining style is East Asia. Especially steamboat -variety of dishes/ingredients served and then cook by the diners in a simmering pot of broth place in the middle of the table.

With that much of selection of ingredients, one can savor all kinds of food at one time.
In most restaurant, steamboat are served with only a pot of broth and the table of diners share the pot of broth together. In 100° C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant, each diner has it's own pot of broth. At each seating. there is a built in electrical steamboat pot and each diner can choose their preferred soup base.

100° C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant @ NZX Ara Damansara

100° C Value Chicken Set @ RM 8.80
This Value set are for 1 person dining, there are several combination of value set ranging from 1 pax to 5 pax. There are side orders too. Besides steamboat set, teppanyaki and BBQ dishes available too! There are lots of choices and don't worry, you will find one that suits you. I love the fish ball filled with cheese- it's marvelous!

100° C Value Mix Set @ RM 8.80

What's the uniqueness of 100° C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant?
  • The first steamboat & bbq restaurant that provides delivery service.
  • The first restaurant that caters DIY style teppanyaki & BBQ dining
  • Indoor and outdoor dining environment as well as Japanese Tatami Style dining style
  • Provides more than 10 varieties of steamboat soup base, consisting of:
  1. Original soup
  2. Tom Yam soup
  3. Curry soup
  4. Fish Head soup
  5. Porridge
  6. Golden porridge
  7. Herbal soup
  8. Thai style- sour & spicy soup
  9. Bak kut teh soup
  10. Vegetarian soup
  11. Ma lat (Super spicy) soup
  • There are more than 20 varieties of sauces
Variety of sauces

Special Astrology Drink Series-Gemini @ RM 6.90
The combination of strong berry flavored ingredient with orange and jasmine tea served with sweet and sour QQ jellies heighten the taste of the drink

Fresh ingredients, varieties of food and a comfortable environment. What are you waiting for? It's definitely a good choice to dine in or a place to hold a gathering!


100° C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant

YT F&B Franchise Sdn Bhd
H-G-01 Block A No 2,
Jalan PJU 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagangan NZX,
Ara Jaya PJU 1A,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03- 7885 0969