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Sunday, April 26, 2009

San Francisco Coffee @ Lot 10, KL

I could have wake up early in the morning and prepare breakfast by myself, but I didn't. I find myself drifting far far away from the kitchen nowadays. All because of a lame excuse- I am tired! Being not a constant cook but with an affection towards baking and cooking, my kitchen are quite well equipped. Somehow, I noticed that those equipments are more like displays in the museum now.

Well...well.... whatever!

A beautiful Sunday begins with a pleasant breakfast and so, do enjoy the last day of the week to the fullest! As for this week, my warm Sunday begins with a cup of "Morning blend" coffee by San Francisco Coffee!

San Francisco Coffee @ Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur
San Francisco Coffee, from a single outlet in year 1997 has expanded to 27 outlets in Malaysia. A brand for premium coffee and good food with excellent service! And guess what?? San Francisco coffee offers breakfast set too!! There are about 5-6 types of breakfast sets and each breakfast set comes with a cup of coffee /tea which is refillable until 12 noon (Can you drink that much???).

Morning blend comes with the breakfast set

Omelette set @ RM 12.50 with a cup of coffee (refillable)

Omelette set by San Francisco Coffee

"So, what's so special with this set?" (This question just popped up in your mind?)
Well, the Omelette Set by San Francisco Coffee is quite appealing. I mean the omelette not the toast or the red beans! The slightly cheesed omelette with diced tomatoes are prepared with a generous portion of cut hams. Dash some pepper to taste and the result was marvelous!

Burito Set @ RM 9.95 with a cup of coffee (refillable)

Burito Set by San Franciso Coffee
As mentioned earlier, there a a few sets of breakfast offered by San Francisco Coffee. I was looking around and I found the most unattractive breakfast set display among the others which is named as Burito Set! Okay- I ordered Burito Set!

Diced tomatoes, cut sausages, scrambled eggs, mayonnaise and cheese wrapped with tortillas and then grilled before served. Am amused with the grilling idea as the combination of aromatic grilled tortilla with the slightly melted cheese , juicy tomatoes, eggs and sausages was perfect. An awesome breakfast set!

And you don't know where to head for breakfast? Consider San Francisco Coffee!

Life is Good! A simple byword of San Francisco Coffee!

Please note:
This is the outlet in Lot 10 KL, which I find their breakfast set prepared is appealing. Am not sure about the performance of other outlets as sometimes the taste and service might differ from outlets to outlets. Try your luck!

List San Francisco Coffee outlets:

Have A Wonderful Sunday!


Precious Pea said...

I refuse to cook breakfast on Sunday too....too lazy!! Will try SF Coffee breakfast set next time..sure looks good!

Lushia said...

Yup... it's good. Sunday should be our rest day!! No chopping tomatoes and washing vege in the kitchen..yay~~ hahahahah..