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Sunday, April 26, 2009

HORRIBLE Tea Time @ Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, The Curve

A Sunday that begins with a perfect breakfast and then continued with a SOUR Tea Time @ WINTER WARMERS, THE Curve!!!!

Our first impression towards Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House was good or else we wouldn't revisit. But, we were totally wrong! The second visit left us with a "NO MORE REVISIT" impression. Why so??? Because......... we were served with stale and rotten food!

Stated in their menu:

Afternoon Tea for 2 @ RM 29.90
Double served of everything on the afternoon tea for one menu. For you to enjoy with a friend or someone special: scones, cakes, sandwiches, cookies, fresh seasonal fruits and two steaming pots of original black tea. * Add RM 1.00 to change to other beverage.

Afternoon Tea for 2 @ RM 29.90
Looks tempting to you?? Okay... yes and no. Well, doesn't matter if it look tempting or not, how about the taste? We both started our tea with the cookies serve on the top layer of the 3 tier food display stand. Mmm... nothing special. Then comes the Tiramisu cake and Lemon Cheese Cake.

Cut the Lemon Cheese Cake into half and took a big bite of it and guess what??!!! It stinks like a baby's spitting up after milk feeding. So, I complained to the waiter that the cheesecake taste kinda weird- sourly bitter and smells bad. He goes like... " Ah huh... I will replace it with another piece of cake?" And so he did replace a piece of Caramel Cake to us. Fine............. we weren't that pissed off actually.

Munch munch munch... next would be the tuna sandwich. Chomped half of the sandwich and .......(yucksssss) I spitted out! Gross.............It's fishy, bitter and sour tasting. And I felt some stinging and prickling sensation in my mouth and my throat goes very dry!! Initially, I told Jessie to try some but then told her not to!

I asked for the bill and here is my conversation with the waiter:

Me : Hey, the tuna sandwich taste weird and it stinks!
Him: Oh.. your tongue, can you feel the stinging sensation?
Me : Yes!
Him: Must be the's contaminated.
Me : Huh???? You know the tuna is rotten and still serves it to you customer?
Him: What if I replace it with another......
Me : (Smile) No thanks!

A MESSAGE TO THE BUSINESS OPERATOR- I know you are doing business, trying to make the best profit with lowest cost BUT that doesn't mean you can serve stale, rotten and contaminated food to your customers and put their health to risk!

Poor Jessie and me... we are having STOMACH ACHE!!!

I know it's not good to condemn Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, do look at the brighter side, I am just asking them to improve and don't want the others to be the next victim.

What will you do if you were us?


taufulou said...

wah~ its that bad huh..lucky me, cuz yesterday also were bout to go winter warmers but lucky that my friend suggest to go movie instead.

hrmm.still like the drinks there though, food wise never really try out except for pg branch cuz that's the main 1.

hope you do get better soon~

Precious Pea said...

That is bad!!! You should have complain to the manager in charge. Wonder who will be the next victim. You and Jess better take care..hope your tummy is feeling better now.

Lushia said...

the drinks were alright actually... but with such experience- it's a total disappointment to me.. just hope they won't repeat it again

Precious pea:
Yes, I should have complain to the manager- Wonder why I didn't.. Hope there are no more victims too.. thanks we are much better now :)