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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teochew porridge by Restaurant Lock Tin (乐园潮州粥) @ Old Klang Road

Lock Tin, a teochew porridge restaurant initially operating in a small and humble hut hidden behind a snooker plaza along Old Klang Road has moved to a shop lot across the road! Even the restaurant has moved to a shop lot, somehow the location of the restaurant is still not easy to be spotted. Kinda weird, but still as crowded as before.

About Teochew porridge (congee)

Teochew also known as Chaozou is located is Guangdong China and Teo chew porridge is believed to be one of their cultural dining style.
Porridge known as "mui" is the teochew version of rice porridge. Porridge are watery with visible rice grains and normally served with various types of dishes like fish, preserved meats and eggs etc.

Lock Tin (Lock In) Teo Chew Porridge along Old Klang Road

Varieties of dishes by Lock Tin Teo Chew Porridge-1

Varieties of dishes by Lock Tin Teo Chew Porridge-2
Restaurant Lock Tin prepares 30 types of delectable dishes everyday. Dishes include vegetables, fish, meat and preserved food. All dishes are fresh and definitely not some leftovers. With that much of selection, one can hardly resist to dine in at Lock Tin. It's alright if you do not fancy porridge as they do serve rice as well and most important of all, the prices are reasonable compared to others.

Some selection of dishes for dinner with a bowl of double boiled lotus root soup and yes, that means there are double boiled soups available too.

Lotus Root Soup by Restaurant Lock Tin
My post doesn't end here and it continues with seafood theme. Also there are various type of seafood porridge serve by Lock Tin. Looks delicious but am yet to try!

Varieties of seafood porridge
At Lock Tin, diners get a simple but perfect dining experience. It's a perfect stop over for a brief dinner where delicious, freshly prepared food to delight the palate.

Lock Tin Teo chew Porridge
17-1 (Behind Public Bank)

Jalan Kelang Lama,

58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012- 6797 488/ 012- 2586 955

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