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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo Cafe @ Great Eastern Ampang Mall

Lunching alone. What do you think ? I was discussing this topic with one of my colleague the other day, and as for her, she find it pitiful to eat alone. As for me, I don't mind lunching alone. Enjoy the quietness of eating alone without discussing and commenting any other topics. Quietly....peacefully... watching people around me.

I attended a 3 days training last week and appreciate the 2 days of doing lunch alone at Mumbo Jumbo. What does mumbo jumbo mean? Mumbo jumbo is a meaningless English phrase, a phrase use to confuse the listener. Oftenly used to as a humourous expression or an object of superstitious awe.

Well, I don't know what does the mumbo jumbo mean here and what I knew is.......the treasure at this cafe.

Mumbo Jumbo @ GE Ampang Mall

Tuna sweetcorn double decker sandwich set lunch @ RM 10.50
This set lunch is served with a sour sop smoothies. At mumbo jumbo, the sandwiches are served with nachos. A tuna sandwich is ordinary, but, a tuna sandiwch served fresh with sweetcorns taste good. A sweet and salty fresh sandwich lunch!

Tandoori chicken with salad & yoghurt mint dressing @ RM 8.50
This is not in the set lunch menu, it's in the ala carte menu. It doesn't taste good at the first bite, but the more you go, the more you will like it. The sourness of the cold yoghurt with the slight spicyness of the hot tandoori chicken was marvelous! As for the next day, I had a companion for lunch.

Mediterranean Pasta @ RM 8.00
Spicy tuna fusili topped with cheese. The sauce is different and tasted good as the tomato sauce blends well with the spicy tuna. with the mixture of the hot aromatic cheese, I would say that the pasta meal has it's own character in taste!

Thai chicken served with white rice and side salad set lunch @ RM 13.50
As for the thai chicken set lunch, the thai chicken are similar to green curry chicken but not as spicy as it is. This set lunch is served with watermelon juice.

Sour soup smoothies served with set lunch & Splash of limelight @ RM 7.00
For 3 days, I had my lunch at Mumbo Jumbo. You find me weird? I hope not! It's just because I wanted to try more from this cafe. Another reason that I chosed to do lunch here, is because of the fresh fruits smoothies they are offering. And this tells that this is not the first time I am dining at Mumbo Jumbo! Had their smoothies about a year ago and am back for their smoothies again.

Splash of limelight are made of papaya, lime and ginger- an excellent drink!

Iced cappucino @ RM 7.00
Another specialty at this cafe would be their coffee. Thick and aromatic, hot or cold- coffee here are splendid!

Mumbo Jumbo cafe, a place to chill out if you happen to be in GE Ampang Mall!


Lot 17 Ground Floor,
Great Eastern Mall,
303 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 4252 1570

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the pasta looks so simple and this kind of pasta presentation