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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fishball Noodles @ Restaurant Song Wan/ Kedai Kopi Song Wan, Old Klang Road

Restaurant Song Wan (Kedai Kopi Song Wan)
has been operating for many years and is famous with it's signature fishball a.k.a Uncle Lim Fishball. The coffee shop starts operating at 7 am in the morning and that's the time when you notice the emerging crowd around the coffee shop.

It's a beautiful Sunday morning again! A day to start with an astonishing breakfast....

Restaurant Song Wan a.k.a Kedai Kopi Song Wan- Uncle Lim Fish Ball @ Old Klang Road

Fishball Noodles with clear soup base served with fish ball and minced pork
It's not the noodles, it's the marvelous springy and chewy fish balls that attracts the crowd! Once mixing the minced pork into the clear soup base, it's even tastier! Am delighted with the fishballs actually. The fish meat are finely pulverized leaving a smooth and springy texture and yet the sweetness of the fish meat is well preserved within.

Fishball Lou Shu Fun served dry (Soy sauce) -with fish ball and minced pork

Another thing that is to be made known to everyone, the soup base prepared are without MSG! Song Wan used to have a stall in Oasis Food Court, Mid Valley but I am not sure if it is still operating after the food court was moved. So, if you are looking for a place that serves quality fish ball, here is the recomended restaurant for you.


Kedai Kopi Song Wan
No 38, Jalan Sepadu,
Batu 5, Taman United,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
58200 KL
Tel: 03- 7982 1021
Rest day: Wednesday


Hazza said...

I love misshapen fishballs! Proves they are hand made and not mass produced.

foodbin said...

a very authentic hand made fish ball shop-loves it.

Lushia said...

Hazza- Yes it's handmade with top qualities :)

Foodbin- Totally agree- Loves the fish ball too!

interactive said...

hi there.
for fishball lovers, if interested do come down to Muar(Johore). You can get nice fishball from Kedai Lao Si Fishball shop(@ Jln. Meriam-San Ma Lu). It's been from generations for 30plus years. Exit from Tangkak toll, then follow the sign Muar and you will pass the Muar Bridge and Muarians are very generous and will guide to this shop. Test the fishballs.

Eddy TAN
* msg me if u need further info. TQ.