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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sabah Seafood- Seri Selera Kg. Air Seafood Village, Kota Kinabalu

It's about 15-20 minutes walk from the hotel, if you are one of the lazy one, probably just call for a taxi! From the map we took from the airport, it's stated as SEDCO SQUARE a Chinese food court. Upon reaching SEDCO Square, we were surprised that it's actually a seafood court. Extremely happy actually!

Seri Selera Kampung Air Seafood Village is an open food court with about 8 seafood restaurants operating So, it's time to choose which restaurant we wish to dine in!

Seri Selera Kg. Air Seafood Village @ SEDCO Complex, Kg Air 4, Kota Kinabalu

Wa Heng Seafood Restaurant @ Seri Selesa Kg Air Seafood Village, Kota Kinabalu
Ta da!! This is the restaurant we picked! No particular reason actually as most of the seafood displayed in the giant aquariums in front of each restaurants are likely the same. It's just that... I prefer here... that's it! How about the food?

Fresh seafood display in aquariums

Medium sized crabbies cooked with white pepper
1 kg @ RM 13.80 for medium sized crabs. That's the only size available actually. So we ordered their signature crab dish which is crabs fried with white pepper sauce. The dish looks simple but it's highly pleasing in taste!

Fresh prawns
Some fresh prawns steamed with ginger and pinch of salt to taste. Served with their local chilli sauce. One word to describe, it's really fresh and the sauce for dipping the steamed prawns is very appetizing.

Thai style fried bean curd
Saw some tables ordered this dish, it must be something nice and that's why the local are ordering it! Okay... that's my own assumption, but somehow I want to try it too! The sauce were good, sweet, spicy and tasty! The bean curds are soft and smooth even after frying it.

Stir fried kai lan
Out of words to describe this dish. Vegetables are crunchy and juicy, tasted good!

There are lots of seafood choices at SEDCO square. Once seated and ordered your dishes, there are other stall operators that will approach and offer other dishes like grilled chicken wings, fried oysters, satays & etc. You may want to try too! It's definitely a good place to savor seafood!

Total bill : RM 52.80

Jalan Kampung Air 4
Kota Kinabalu

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