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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Typica 豆原 Cafe @ Shaw Parade

My late discovery! What a waste.... but then again, it's better late than never....

Typica 豆原 , a small cafe uniquely design for comfort, simple and cozy with an inspiring atmosphere, a cafe that warms my heart, indeed!

Typica 豆原 Cafe @ Shaw Parade
Just like welcoming spring, fresh flowers are placed on each table to greet your arrival with pleasure.

Pandan Latte @ RM 12.00
Perfectly brewed with an addition of a distinct pandanus aroma.

Irish Coffee (cold) @ RM 22.00
A cocktail? Basically, it's a mixture of hot coffee with Irish Whiskey and sugar topped with cream. You don't like cream? Don't remove it! The coffee should be drunk through the layer of the cream, for it's originality and best integrity of the mixture. Smooth & aromatic- delightful!!

Lemon Grass Coffee @ RM 12.00
Another freshly brewed with slight addition lemongrass flavor. The aroma of the coffee were well maintain even with the addition of lemongrass flavor. Another different story to tell....

What's next? In house cakes!!

Yam Cake @ RM 10.00
Beautiful piece of yam cake, the cream layer with yam chunks was marvelous!

Mango Delights @ RM 10.00
My favorite fruit- Mango! Mustn't say NO to mango cakes of course! Thumbs up!

Lemon Cheese Cake @ RM 10.00

Black Sesame Cheese Cake @ RM 10.00

Typica 豆原 Cafe serves coffee luwak too! @ RM 180.00 per cup. Came across this coffee from a TV show- Coffee with Moses host by Moses Chan. Pretty much interested with it!

Life is too short to learn every single detail of every little thing. But, then again, I learned something about coffee today! Read this if you are interested....

A popular beverage/drink brewed from coffee bean, a drink with caffeine content that provides short term stimulating effect to human bodies

Coffee beans are roasted seeds of coffee cherries that grows on tree- coffee plants.

Most expensive coffee in the world! Coffee Luwak, are made from coffee beans of coffee berries eaten by a type of cat- known as Luwak (Civet in English). A Civet eats the berries and the beans are collected when it's defecated by the animal. Despite the process of digesting, the beans are kept in shape. Beans collected are wash thoroughly, sun dried, lightly roasted and brewed.

That's about it. Another sharing from me and ...... I heart Typica 豆原 Cafe!

Typica 豆原
GL-08, Ground Floor,
Shaw Parade Plaza,
Changkat Thambi Dollah,

55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:+603 - 2145 0328

Business Hours

Sun-Thurs 11am - 9pm
Fri-Sat 1
1am - 10pm

For more photos:
Lushia's Food Blog-Typica 豆原 Cafe

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toilet Bowl (T-Bowl) @ Sungai Wang Shopping Mall

Youngster wanabe like me joins the crowd at Tbowl Concept Restaurant ( Toilet Bowl Restaurant)!!!

I knew that this restaurant is in Queensbay mall, Penang but wasn't aware that they are already here since December 2009. Interesting!

T- Bowl Concept Restaurant @ Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur
A charismatic restaurant established in year 2008 with their first outlet in Queensbay Mall Penang. The restaurant holds a theme of bathroom concept. A creatively designed and uniquely decorated restaurant where toilet bowls are used as chairs and basin as tables. Even the food is served in a mini ceramic toilet bowl (food bowl).

T- Bowl serve varieties of food ranging from Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong, Western and oriental cuisines. Wanna try dining at the toilet bowl? Here's my sharing.....

Volcano Spicy Chicken @ RM9.90

Chicken Chop Fried Spaghetti @ RM 10.90

Hong Kong Style Seafood Porridge @ RM 9.90

Tom Yam Seafood Flaming Pot @ RM 11.90

Lemon Sour Plum Mocktail @ RM 5.50

Cappucino Blended @ RM 6.50

Kiwi Delight Burger @ RM 6.90
Decided to try their ice cream. Since there wasn't enough menu at that time, this is how I ordered my dessert:

Me : 我要那个屎 ice cream ( I want that shit ice cream)
Waiter : Okay,我帮你order最多人吃的屎。( I will put in the order- the signature shit)

Enjoyed my dining experience at T-Bowl and shared my experience amongst my friends, some of them finds it disgusting but I personally think it's quite interesting

Do pop in and have a look!! Go for the concept!

3F- TC041/TC042
Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603- 2141 1606

For more information, visit:

T-Bowl Website

T Bowl Facebook fan page

For more photos, visit:
Lushia's Food Blog- T-Bowl

Medan Ikan Bakar Sungai Muara Duyung @ Malacca

My favorite place for ikan bakar is at Seri Muara Alai. But, this time, we went to Sungai Muara Duyung, another fishing village well known for ikan bakar too.

I have been here before with dad, mom and grandpa. But, mom couldn't recall at all.....Anyway, we had our dinner at Sungai Muara Duyung that night.

As usual we started off with nasi lemak bungkus (Malaysian Coconut Milk Rice) while waiting for the other dishes to be served. Nasi lemak tasted so- so, could be better!

Mom has taken the role to pick the dishes as in fish and prawns. I stood there to take pics, sis and bro were busy bodying- we don't really know how to pick anyway..... then, Bro ordered the signature tauhu bakar (grilled to fu).

Sweet & Spicy sauce is a must!

Grilled fresh prawns. Simple but nice. I love it so so so much! Hahahhaha...

Grilled fish. Spicy & non spicy- Good!

Stir fried scallops- do we have a specific name for this?- I mean the scallops.

Sweet & spicy Balitong with thick gravy
Balitong, a type of sea snail known as siput sedut in Malay language. We can find this seafood dish (different cooking style ) almost everywhere in Malaysia -especially Chinese food court).

Signature grilled tofu/ BBQ tofu
A big piece of grilled tofu with rojak sauce. Crispy and puffy- Nice!

And..... off we go... for tea session at Uncle John!

Thanks for the dinner bro! Will take you to Seri Muara Alai next time!

KM 4-5, Jalan Padang Temu,
Permatang Pasir,
75460, Melaka,

Open time : 5.00pm- 12.00am
Tel: 012-6362339(Azmi Ab. Aziz Al Haj)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Street Food @ Food Street, Muar Johor

So, what's after lunch at Parit Jawa, Muar?

A visit to Muar town for delicious and inexpensive food is a must!

Muar, Johor
Muar town, also known as Bandar Maharani is a town in Muar, a district of Johor state. Meaning, the name "Muar" is used as both the town and the district name. It is situated about 179 kilometre from Johor Bahru town, and only 40-45 minutes drive from Malacca town. There are a few etymologies on the name of the town- Muar.

For more information, read here:

The drizzles doesn't stop us from eating and buying at the food haven. The food street/food market , also known as hungry lane/喂食街 is situated along Jalan Ali and Jalan Haji Abu.

Food street/food market/hungry lane/喂食街 along Jalan Ali and Jalan Haji Abu.

Almost all the food at each stall looks good! Below are a few recommended stalls.

Teo Chew Cake Stall
There are various selection of teo chew kuih and I picked the glutinous rice cake. For more photos, please visit my Facebook fan page.

Teo chew rice cake- Glutinous rice cake
Can't recall the price, I guess it's about RM 0.60 per piece. Teo chew rice cake is a flour skinned cake filled with fried glutinous rice and dried shrimps. Tasty but greasy , shouldn't have requested the owner to heat up by frying it.

Fried Ngor Hiong Stall
Another recommended stall, too bad, we didn't try it!

Baked BBQ Pork Buns 烧包
Bro's favorite! He was so noisy and keep repeating "this is good! this is good" Hahahaha... No doubt, it is!

The baked BBQ Pork bun/Siew Bao
It's a baked golden crispy bun made of chinese pastry filled with fried BBQ pork and onions. The pastries are thin and flaky with thick fillings. Tasted good!

Muar Homemade Bread stall

Homemade Bread
The display definitely looks good. Not that we have not try this before, just that we came back for more! Brought this back home. Fine bred texture, very soft and fluffy- Yummy!!

And.................... here comes the Otak Otak Stall!

Hwa Otak Otak Stall
It was so crowded- queue was long! We waited and while waiting, we quench our thirst at the stall next to it- by the same owner actually.

Bird Nest & Longan Drink
The name in Malay sounds a lil weird though. Air sarang burung...... anyway, if it is not, how do we named it?

Otak otak
Otak otak wrapped with coconut leaves and grilled over an open flame. Hot! Hot! Hot! but good enough- savory & tasty.

Ahhhhh....... stomach gonna burst. It's a "full" day- I enjoyed it! Muar, a town famous for various kind authentic local food- I will be back!

For more photos, visit: Lushia's Food Blog

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seaview Restaurant @ Parit Jawa (巴冬) Muar, Johor

Trip to Singapore was canceled and we went to PATONG!

No, not the Patong Beach in Phuket but the Patong Village in Muar, Johor- Malaysia. And yes, food enthusiasts travel kilometers just for lunch!. Our journey was about an hour drive from Malacca down due to heavy down pour.

Parit Jawa also known as 巴冬海口 is a small town located in Muar District. A fishing village which is famous for it's delicious asam pedas and fresh seafood.

Restaurant Seaview would be one of the food enthusiast favorite!

Restaurant Seaview (Straitview) @ Parit Jawa (巴冬) Muar, Johor

Asam Pedas Fish Head @ RM 22.50
The taste is different with Asam Pedas we can find in Malacca Town. It's a lighter version- sourish and spicy tamarind soup. Everyone's busy slurping the spicy tamarind soup with the fresh fish head.

Otak otak @ RM 10.00
A highly pleasing dish.
Otak otak
A soft and squishy cake made of seafood (fish/prawns) with mixture of coconut milk and spices.And that's how the name derived from- soft and squishy just like a brain. Brain is known as otak in Malay. Am not particularly sure is this is true- found it by googling.
What I have known all this while - Muar, Johor- is the famous for it's delicious otak otak! Definitely a "must try" if you happens to be in Muar!

Spicy squids & prawns @ RM 15.50
An perfect plate of fried seafood. Fresh and succulent squids with juicy prawns fried with aromatic super spicy chilly paste. This is so appealing!

Fried kangkung @ RM 5.00
The most common vegetable dish among Malaysians. Out of words to describe, just that vegetable dish is definitely a must!

Bomb @ RM 2.50
It's actually deep fried egg known as 炸蛋. Sounds like 炸弹 (bomb)

Parit Jawa (巴冬) Muar, Johor, a haven for delicous seafood, especially asam pedas. Though the village comprises only few small streets it's worth a visit!

Will I return for more? Yes of course!

Seaview (Straitview) Restaurant
麻坡巴冬海口驼名亚参辣椒鱼 ( referred this from their receipt)
PKA 52-A, Parit Jawa Pantai
84150 Parit Jawa
Muar Johor
Tel: 06- 9875388
H/P: 017- 659 2663/ 013- 630 1777
Rest day: Every Monday (except Public Holiday)

Facebook Link: 海景亚参鱼餐室

For more photos: Lushia's Food Blog- Parit Jawa Photos

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Restaurant Sing Mei Siang, Machap Baru, Malacca- NON HALAL

Machap Baru, a small town in Malacca which is famous among the Malaysian and Singaporeans for exotic food- wild life!!

Don't get me wrong...... we didn't go for the exotic food. There are other restaurants that serves good food too!

Restaurant Sing Mei Siang, Machap Baru, Malacca

Fried pork belly with garlic @ RM 10.00
A signature dish of the restaurant. Deep frying well marinated pork bellies (bite size) with five spice powder fried and garlic. Aromatic & flavorful!

Fish Fillet Vermicelli Soup @ RM 17.00
Ooopss... we actually wanted to order Fish Head Noodles, turned out to be the fried fish fillet version. Tasted normal, more like a home cooked fish head noodles without the evaporated milk.

Fried vege with fried pork lards and dried shrimp @ RM 6.00

The lady owner keeps repeating this:- Remember, we are close on Monday! Operating hour from 9/10 AM ( Apologies, can't recall exact time) till 4 pm. It's crowded during lunch hour. Please call to check before you come!

Address & Contacts:

That's our lunch! Thanks for the recommendation mom!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Emperor Bao(皇帝鸡香包) by Rest. Tim Sum How Her Siang, Malacca -NON HALAL

Baozi (包)

Also known as pau, bao, bau or pow is a Chinese cuisine. Bao is a steamed bun with fillings, very much alike to Mantou (steamed bun) except that it is with fillings like meat or veges. It is believed that Mantou was invented by Zhuge Liang a scholar, also a military strategist in the Chinese history.

If you are from Malacca, you would have known this restaurant and if you are not, this restaurant is situated along Jalan Kota Laksama, the very same place for asam pedas, tandoori and pork satay. It's about 5 minutes drive from Jonker Street.

Restoran Tim Sum How Her Siang @ Jalan Kota Laksamana, Malacca
After the coffee session with mom, we drove here for take away. It's actually breakfast for next day.

Top view- Emperor Bao(皇帝鸡香包) @ RM 4.50

The other way round

What's in there?

Emperor Bao (皇帝鸡香包), a thin layer of steam bun wrapped with steamed chicken with glutinous rice ( like Lo Mai Gai). Top with minced/chopped roasted pork- char siu with sauce.
Though the filling are actually Lo Mai Gai alike, it tasted slightly different, steamed chickens are prepared with onions instead of mushrooms.

I was told that we can only find Emperor Bao at Restaurant Tim Sum How Her Siang in Malacca. Am not so sure about this but do share with me if you have tried Emperor Bao from other restaurants. Would be great to know more!

Nice.......... share it with someone if you are a small eater ya!


Restaurant Tim Sum How Her Siang
15, 13 Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/2, 75200 Melaka.
Tel: 019-7626725
Operating Hour: 6PM to 2AM