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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Malacca Food -Ikan Bakar @ Seri Muara Alai


With its proximity to the sea, fishing has always been a respected profession in Malacca. To this day the local community continues to fish the rich waters off the coast and this is one of the reason seafood is plentiful and cheap in Malacca. For a taste of fresh seafood and ikan bakar, check out Ikan Bakar @ Seri Muara Alai.

About Ikan Bakar
Ikan Bakar is a Malaysian dish of fish or other forms of seafood grilled using charcoal. Malacca is on of the state in Malaysia which is famous with Ikan Bakar.

7.07 p.m.

Seri Muara Alai Nasir Ikan Bakar, we reached this place at around 7 pm which is consider early, but most of the tables are already taken.

Pick your choice of seafood and indulge in the selection and preparation of the dish!

Nasi Lemak is a must to eat along with Ikan Bakar. You will be served with a special spicy sauce to dip it with the grilled seafood.

Fried Sting Ray top with fried chilly sauce

Stir Fried Bamboo's Shell seafood with chilly paste

Stir Fried Turmeric Scallops

Grilled squids

Grilled prawns

Ikan Bakar Dinner @ Seri Muara Alai

Address & Contact of Seri Muara Alai Nasir Ikan Bakar on the receipt

When I suggested to have Ikan Bakar today, my dear sister seems quite excited about it. I bet my sister and her husband both enjoyed the dinner as much as I did! If you are not a local, the route to Seri Muara Alai might not be easy to locate,even some locals doesn't know this place.

There are severals places in Malacca like Medan Ikan Bakar Pernu in Umbai or Ikan Bakar at Murara Sungai Duyong. Somehow, this is still my favorite restaurant for Ikan Bakar as they offer more selections of
FRESH SEAFOOD! and the Malay Hokkien speaking owner is friendly too! Prices are reasonable too!


Liz Azmi said...

Hi.. can u guide me how to go here. I'm planning to visit melaka tomorrow and would love to try the food here. Hope u can gimme the directions. Thanks..

Takaryu said...

mee too. i'll be going there tomorrow. eventhough already placed my order there, i'm afraid if i'm getting lost there...