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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Soya Bean Steamboat @ Tasty Pot

I have heard about the soya bean steamboat for quite sometime, from my childhood until to date I don't take soya bean drinks .....I don't why! But, I do eat tau fu fa... Somehow, there is no harm to try something new and special. I was searching online to look for reviews and the location of the restaurant, but there is not much reviews on it. So, it's in Sunway the new shoplots accross the road where Yuen Steamboat is located. There is two restaurants operating with the same business, one is Restaurant Chong Qing and the other one is Tasty Pot.

Upon reaching, we actually went to Restaurant Chong Qing, there is no sits available and no one to serve us, so we walk further done and saw the banner at tasty pot. So, we decided to try the soya bean steamboat at Tasty Pot!

Tasty Pot Steamboat Buffet @ RM 19.90 per person, as stated the price include soft drinks but there is only chinese tea available that day. They also serve ready food like chicken wings, fried rice and vermiceli. Desserts available are ice creams only.
Curry Soup Base & Soya Bean Soup Base

They serve six different soup base, and choose any two you like to try! The six soup base are, soya bean soup base, curry soup base, spicy/malat soup base, herbs soup base, porridge soup base and tom yam soup base. We chosed curry and soya soup base, both wasn't as good as I expected. Well, nothing so special for both soup base . Anyway, this is based on my own tastebud though....cause the place is so crowded, maybe others might think it is nice.

Limited choices of ingredients- few types of fish balls, vegetables and flower crabs that is all they have!

Chicken Wings- I have read a good review for this, just like Yuen Steamboat, once it is prepared and taken out to display, it's gone in few minutes time. The outer layer taste good but somehow, the marinade doesn't steep into the chicken meat.

I think the shoplot is too small and pack, all ingredients, drinks and dessert were served in the shop, The whole place makes me feel so uncomfortable as the floor is wet and dirty. Well, I have try it now and there will be NO "The Return of Lushia" to this restaurant.

19 Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Sunway Mentari,
Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 5630 1282


mc said...

so this place are not recommended?

LS said...

Hi MC... thanks for dropping by. Am not saying that it is not recommended, it's just that the choices are too little. Soya soup base, it's a good try for me :)

mc said...

ok.. i will recommend this place to my friends..
thanks again.. :)