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Monday, October 27, 2008

Malacca Food -Satay Celup @ Ban Lee Siang


Satay celup is another dish that is peculiar in Malacca. Can I name it as Chinese version of fondue? Few of my friends think that it is unhygienic to consume satay celup, well.........the answer is yes and no. Any comments?

About Satay Celup

Satay Celup or Steamboat Satay is a popular dish in Historical City of Malacca. All kinds of raw and semi-cooked meat, seafood and vegetables one skewers are dunked into a boiling pot of satay sauce(similar) cook at the table just like the steamboat style.

12.10 a.m

Satay Celup @ Kedai Makanan Ban Lee Siang

Huh.... it's already midnight and still that croweded? I guess those people are just as hungry as me! I hungry? Honestly, I am not.....I just feeling like having satay celup. So, Ban Lee Siang is the place that I prefer for Satay Celup instead of Capitol Satay Celup. As for me, the sauce here taste better and even the service here is much better.

An assortment of raw & semi-cooked food on skewers. Price range from RM 0.50 -1.00 /skewer

The delicious thick and aromatic sauce boiling in a pot at the middle of the table

Satay celup is sold in a self service mode. Once seat, the food on skewers can which is kept fresh in the huge refrigerators can be taken immediately using trays provided. Price are reasonable and do order some cold drinks as it's abot stuffy if you are sitting inside and besides that, the sauce is abit spicy too.

Satay Celup, is definitely something worth to try if you are in Malacca!!


45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka

Tel: 06-284 1935

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