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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dome Cafe @ Lot 10 Shopping Mall ( CLOSED)

For many times when we pass by Dome cafe, I will say " I miss their spaghetti and cappuccino!" Finally, we went there for lunch and it turned out to be disappointing lunch for me. "Complain Queen" is once my nick name, but I only complain on things or matters that should be complain

Iced Peach Tea @ RM 9.50, Relaxing herbals-Green & Ginger Tea @ RM 10.50 each
Not having their coffee this today, had 2 cups in the morning already! Opted for their relaxing herbals which is the hot green tea served in silver service as I knew this is gonna be a heavy lunch!

Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta @ RM 21.00
A disappointing lunch, this is totally different with what I had in the Mid Valley & Subang Parade outlet! The taste is different and the chicken meat is not fresh at all, the meat has a strong frozen and then defrosted smell, the fridge smell (you get what I mean?) I ended having only their spaghetti, and then commented to one of the waiter who served us. He then came back with a reply that he checked the batch of chicken and it is not expired, and they actually soaked the chicken meat with hot water before cooking it. ", it still taste weird and not fresh"
Anyway, he mentioned that he will bring the message to the chef! ~ I hope so~
In my mind- "I am telling you it is not fresh, so you gotto do something with it...okay...By the way, IF it the chicken meat has expired, will you come out and tell me that it is???? "

Gourmet Chicken & Mushroom Pie @ RM 21.00
Home style chicken and mushroom filling in a porcelain bowl topped with golden baked pastry cap served with sauteed carrots, tomato and broccoli. The gourmet chicken and mushroom pie seems to be one of a popular serving by Dome Cafe, it must be a very filling and rich lunch, I think!

Chicken Ham Cheese & Tomato Gourmet Sandwich @ RM 18.50
Smoked chicken ham, cheese and tomato with mustard mayonnaise on loose mesclun served with tomato chutney and wedges.I think I will try their sandwiches next time with a cup of nice, it's in my imagination right now!

Whatever it is.........I had my is always this way, different outlet with different quality and taste of food. The only restaurant which with many outlets and not much different in food taste are Mc Donalds and KFC, I think.

I am sort of missing those days when I sit alone and enjoy my cup of coffee at Dome Cafe. Am getting lazier these days...don't even feel like going out from the house during weekends!!

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