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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Banquet @ Bangsar Village II (CLOSED)

We were lucky, after taking all the photos, and upon leaving the restaurant, the security guard came to stop us mentioning that we are not allowed to take photos in the shopping mall. Our plan is actually to Haagen Dazz....Remember my Haagen Daaz Fondue? Yeah!!~~~ It's already almost 2 pm when we reached there, I was starving as I have not taken anything since morning. So told Jessie that I would like to have something before the Fondue. We saw this whitish restaurant that look so homey and comfortable from far. Actually I was looking for Delicious, but we passed by Banquet and then make a "U" turn and had my lunch there.

Banquet @ Bangsar Village II

Le Journal De Banquet, a simple piece of menu with a brief introduction of the restaurant at the first page. We were not aware that this restaurant belongs to Cafe Cafe, until went I zoomed in my photos, I spotted the word "Cafe Cafe" .
I then, start reading the introductions of the journal. And they do serve some food and desserts which is same with Cafe cafe, some even cost less at this restaurant. They offers both Asian and Western food...and I notice d that they also offer champagne breakfast and lunch and this immediately goes into my plan list!

We ordered the
Banquet Asian Lunch Box and share it cause we were afraid that we might not have enough space in our stomach for Haagen Daaz Fondue.

Banquet Asian Lunch Box @ RM 23
Glass of Ices Lemon Tea/Citron Presse
Mango Salad and Rojak
Any selection of Soup Noodle

Iced Lemon tea comes with the set, and Apple Juice

Mango Salad @ RM 10 per snack
Shredded mango tossed in local spices of shallots, chilly, palm sugar and lime juice, garnished with crispy anchovies. It is a good snacks, the spice and the sour mango juice crackles with the crispy anchovies.

Rojak @ RM 12 per snack
Mixture of local fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, pineapples, guava, mango and turnip tossed in local rojak sauce, garnised with the roasted peanuts and sesame seeds. The thick and sweet sweet sauce coats every chunk and the synergistic effect between the ingredients and the sauce makes every chunk a sheer delight.

(Picture above are the portion served that comes with the Banquet Asian Lunch Box)

Prawn Noodles @ RM 15 per serving
Served in aromatic prawn broth with a touch of chilly accompannied with King Prawns, hard boiled egg, sliced chicken breast and kangkung garnished with deep fried onions. A delicious high profile prawn noodles!

Banquet is definitely a good and recommended place to unwind and relax during weekends. Although it is located in a shopping center, the environment is good not noisy and crowded too. Am looking forward for their desserts too!!

Banquet @ Bangsar Village II
1st floor, Bangsar Village II,
Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2282 3228
Business Hour: 11 am till late

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