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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Malacca Food -Donald & Lily Nyonya Food


Stuck in the jam for almost an hour to reach Malacca town. Time to indulge with some good food back in my hometown. Headed to Donald and Lily Nyonya Food for their Mee Siam although they are famous with Nyonya Laksa and Cendol. Too bad.....they don't serve Mee Siam that day. By the way, any place with good Mee Siam in KL? Anyone?
1.30 p.m

Donald & Lily Nyonya Food
The tables are fully taken and many of them are waiting to be seat and I only realised that this place was once recomended by the Ho Chak programme by 8TV. Although its hot and stuffy, we still squeeze in and joined those who are waiting for seats.

Cendol @ RM 1.40 per bowl
Although I prefer the Cendol by Jonker 88 but this is a good one too!

Nyonya Laksa @ RM 3.20 per bowl
The secret of a good Nyonya laksa is its creamy, curried but not so thick coconut broth! Donald & Lily serves the best Nyonya Laksa in town!

Tau Gua & Fish ball Rojak @ RM 5.00

For good Nyonya Laksa and homestyle nyonya food, Donald & Lily Nyonya Food is one of the place that you shouldn't miss!

Donald & Lily Nyonya Food

31, (back of) Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock
75250 Melaka
Tel: 06- 2848 907
Operating hours: 10 am - 4 pm


lanatir said...

glad to see u enjoyed my parents' food :) thank you!

Lushia said... surprised to see your comment!! really enjoy your parent's food. :D So we are from the same home town huh..Thanks for visiting!

Simen said...

omg.. I looooove laksa! heelp! give me this one! What is the best country for laksa? I will move there.

LS said...

As a Malacca, I would say the best place for a bowl of delicious laksa would be at my hometown. Donald & Lily serves the best laksa in town! :D