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Monday, October 20, 2008

OCHACHA the matcha latte people

This is the cafe that I wanted to visit quite sometime ago as I have seen several post on their desserts which looks quite tempting. Anyway, do you like green tea? Some people just don't like the green smell. As for me, I can finish up to 6 litres of green tea in a day!!

OCHACHA @ Pavillion

OCHACHA specialize in matcha, the premium green tea served in traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. O-cha means green tea in Japanese and Cha is tea in Chinese, as tea originates from the Chinese. So, OCHACHA is abcout bringing together two different cultures to serve something different, great in taste and healthy drinks.
Azuki Freezie @ RM 13.80- Good Pick!

Ochacha Latte @ RM 10.50- Good Pick!

This is not a coffee, if you like to try green tea coffee, Calanthe Cafe located in Jonker Street, Malacca serves a good one!

Its all greeny....the drinks and the desserts are mostly green in color.. wanted to try their Matcha Mango Cake, but it is already taken out from the menu. According to the friendly lady who served us, the color of the mangoes turn brown and it is not so presentable, so the management decided to replace it with the Matcha Strawberry Cake.
Matcha Azuki @ RM 9 per piece- Good Pick!

U Call this Tiramisu @ RM 8.00- Good Pick!

Their drinks Matcha/Ochacha Latte and Azuki Frezzie were special . But, I would suggest to have their Matcha (green tea) if you wanna try their desserts,or else you will be glutted!'s not so disgusting isn't it? I am enjoying.......

To revisit? Yes.....maybe but not to soon. Have you tried? Hurry!! Be one of the Matcha Latte People!

Ochacha Cafe @ Pavllion Lot 6.01.01, Level 6, Pavillion KL 55100 Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Ochacha Cafe @ The Gardens Midvalley T237A, The Gardens Mid Valley KL

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