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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Street Food @ Food Street, Muar Johor

So, what's after lunch at Parit Jawa, Muar?

A visit to Muar town for delicious and inexpensive food is a must!

Muar, Johor
Muar town, also known as Bandar Maharani is a town in Muar, a district of Johor state. Meaning, the name "Muar" is used as both the town and the district name. It is situated about 179 kilometre from Johor Bahru town, and only 40-45 minutes drive from Malacca town. There are a few etymologies on the name of the town- Muar.

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The drizzles doesn't stop us from eating and buying at the food haven. The food street/food market , also known as hungry lane/喂食街 is situated along Jalan Ali and Jalan Haji Abu.

Food street/food market/hungry lane/喂食街 along Jalan Ali and Jalan Haji Abu.

Almost all the food at each stall looks good! Below are a few recommended stalls.

Teo Chew Cake Stall
There are various selection of teo chew kuih and I picked the glutinous rice cake. For more photos, please visit my Facebook fan page.

Teo chew rice cake- Glutinous rice cake
Can't recall the price, I guess it's about RM 0.60 per piece. Teo chew rice cake is a flour skinned cake filled with fried glutinous rice and dried shrimps. Tasty but greasy , shouldn't have requested the owner to heat up by frying it.

Fried Ngor Hiong Stall
Another recommended stall, too bad, we didn't try it!

Baked BBQ Pork Buns 烧包
Bro's favorite! He was so noisy and keep repeating "this is good! this is good" Hahahaha... No doubt, it is!

The baked BBQ Pork bun/Siew Bao
It's a baked golden crispy bun made of chinese pastry filled with fried BBQ pork and onions. The pastries are thin and flaky with thick fillings. Tasted good!

Muar Homemade Bread stall

Homemade Bread
The display definitely looks good. Not that we have not try this before, just that we came back for more! Brought this back home. Fine bred texture, very soft and fluffy- Yummy!!

And.................... here comes the Otak Otak Stall!

Hwa Otak Otak Stall
It was so crowded- queue was long! We waited and while waiting, we quench our thirst at the stall next to it- by the same owner actually.

Bird Nest & Longan Drink
The name in Malay sounds a lil weird though. Air sarang burung...... anyway, if it is not, how do we named it?

Otak otak
Otak otak wrapped with coconut leaves and grilled over an open flame. Hot! Hot! Hot! but good enough- savory & tasty.

Ahhhhh....... stomach gonna burst. It's a "full" day- I enjoyed it! Muar, a town famous for various kind authentic local food- I will be back!

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Johor Kaki said...

wooha after seeing your post about glutton street in Muar, a makan venture trip to Muar is a must! Thanks for the inspiration ;D

LS said...

Yes! It's a must visit. Hope to return too! Thanks for dropping by :)

lwmok said...

Thanks! Together with 3 other friends we are making a eating trip to Muar this afternoon.

Johor Kaki said...

Hi Lushia, I just came back from Muar and already am thinking about going back again ;P

We had a lot of fun at Glutton Street ;D

LS said...

Hi JK,
Glad that you enjoyed the trip. Too much to try isn't it? Feels like driving there right now....hahaha....