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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Restaurant Sing Mei Siang, Machap Baru, Malacca- NON HALAL

Machap Baru, a small town in Malacca which is famous among the Malaysian and Singaporeans for exotic food- wild life!!

Don't get me wrong...... we didn't go for the exotic food. There are other restaurants that serves good food too!

Restaurant Sing Mei Siang, Machap Baru, Malacca

Fried pork belly with garlic @ RM 10.00
A signature dish of the restaurant. Deep frying well marinated pork bellies (bite size) with five spice powder fried and garlic. Aromatic & flavorful!

Fish Fillet Vermicelli Soup @ RM 17.00
Ooopss... we actually wanted to order Fish Head Noodles, turned out to be the fried fish fillet version. Tasted normal, more like a home cooked fish head noodles without the evaporated milk.

Fried vege with fried pork lards and dried shrimp @ RM 6.00

The lady owner keeps repeating this:- Remember, we are close on Monday! Operating hour from 9/10 AM ( Apologies, can't recall exact time) till 4 pm. It's crowded during lunch hour. Please call to check before you come!

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That's our lunch! Thanks for the recommendation mom!

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