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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Emperor Bao(皇帝鸡香包) by Rest. Tim Sum How Her Siang, Malacca -NON HALAL

Baozi (包)

Also known as pau, bao, bau or pow is a Chinese cuisine. Bao is a steamed bun with fillings, very much alike to Mantou (steamed bun) except that it is with fillings like meat or veges. It is believed that Mantou was invented by Zhuge Liang a scholar, also a military strategist in the Chinese history.

If you are from Malacca, you would have known this restaurant and if you are not, this restaurant is situated along Jalan Kota Laksama, the very same place for asam pedas, tandoori and pork satay. It's about 5 minutes drive from Jonker Street.

Restoran Tim Sum How Her Siang @ Jalan Kota Laksamana, Malacca
After the coffee session with mom, we drove here for take away. It's actually breakfast for next day.

Top view- Emperor Bao(皇帝鸡香包) @ RM 4.50

The other way round

What's in there?

Emperor Bao (皇帝鸡香包), a thin layer of steam bun wrapped with steamed chicken with glutinous rice ( like Lo Mai Gai). Top with minced/chopped roasted pork- char siu with sauce.
Though the filling are actually Lo Mai Gai alike, it tasted slightly different, steamed chickens are prepared with onions instead of mushrooms.

I was told that we can only find Emperor Bao at Restaurant Tim Sum How Her Siang in Malacca. Am not so sure about this but do share with me if you have tried Emperor Bao from other restaurants. Would be great to know more!

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Restaurant Tim Sum How Her Siang
15, 13 Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/2, 75200 Melaka.
Tel: 019-7626725
Operating Hour: 6PM to 2AM


Anonymous said...

The Emperor Bao is originated in one of the Dim Sum store in Sri Petaling (near Bukit Jalil). It was written in one of the Chinese newspaper.

LS said...

Anonymous- Thanks for sharing =)