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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ZOUK CAFE BAR @ The Gardens

A drinking and dining session with my best pal at Zouk Cafe Bar, The Gardens Mid Valley City.

Yes... it's a new F&B venture by Zouk Club, KL.

Zouk Cafe & Bar checked in and starts operating in The Gardens, Mid Valley City since Jan 2010. A well renovated cafe and bar that somehow manages to combine elegance with cosiness assuring a convivial atmosphere.

ZOUK CAFE & BAR @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

And we started of with .................................... Happy Hours promo!

Buy 1 free 1 Carlsberg Draught @ RM 15.50
A drink that never fails to satisfy a drinker!
Don't get me wrong too, I am not an alcoholic ya......hahahahaha....

Menu features Western and Asian cuisines but limited choices. Hope they will come up with more varieties of food. And of course, beers got to go along with yakitori!

Yakitori, a traditional Japanese style skewered grilled chicken. It's actually skewers of well marinated bite sized chicken barbequed/grilled till delicately cooked.
Yakitori is normally served by street vendors.

Chicken Yakitori @RM8.90
The skewered morsels of chicken served with Yakitori sauce is satisfying. Chickens are delicately grilled, well marinated and and perfectly balance up with the sauce.

Indonesian Fried Rice @ RM18.90
Spicy fried rice served with Balinese satay, sambal celek, fried egg and prawn crackers. Nothing fascinating, not boring either....spicy fried rice tasted so-s0. Noticed that the Balinese satay as stated in the menu turned out to be chicken yakitori served with satay sauce. The sambal celek was good though...

Grilled chicken @ RM 26.90
Here comes my order!
Grilled chicken thigh , roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed french beans, confit of shiitake (mushrooms) and tomatoes served with choice of mustard cream sauce or five spice tomato chutney. Opted for the latter.

A pleasant surprise! Tasty grilled chicken is gratifying. Even, the roasted garlic mashed potato itself is interesting!

After dining, we continued with more drinks.

Margarita @RM15.90

Mojito @ RM 17.90

A Margarita for her and a Mojito for myself. Cheers....

Tired shopping around? After working hour?-Quench your thirst here if you would like too.

Zouk Cafe Bar is definitely a splendid place to chill out.

I am not paid for this statement ya! Lol!

Zouk Cafe Bar
G 223 Ground Floor
Gardens Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur


aDam TiaM said...

do u have the contact number for Zouk Bar Garden? Thax

LS said...

=( sorry adam, I have thrown my receipts...