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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tamby Roti Canai @ Bukit Baru Melaka

So our next session for supper is at Tamby Roti Canai!

Bro was grumbling like an old man when I mentioned that I need a second round for supper. At the same time, sis in law was nodding in agreement with me.

From Batu Berendam to Bukit Baru....

Mag was mentioning roti bulat- sedap! Roti bulat by Tamby is good! So, what is roti bulat?

Tamby Roti Canai @ Bukit Baru Melaka
It was quite crowded when we arrived. Luckily, there is a table untaken!

Top left -Roti Bulat, Below left- Roti Tampal & Below right- Roti Telur

So what's roti bulat? Roti bulat= roti kosong in round shape It takes a longer time to prepare and it's true, it tasted must better! Love the aroma of the butter used and the texture of the bread is soft and yet crispy.

As for Roti Tampal & Roti Telur, bread texture is soft as well. But it's not as aromatic as Roti Bulat. Well, probably it's the amount of butter used and the length of time to flipping the flat bread on the hot griddle?

Hhhmmm.... good good!

Tamby Roti Canai @ Bukit Baru Melaka- taken in the noon, for roti canai ( at night only )

About Roti Canai

Roti Canai is a type of flat bread found in Malaysia and this dish is believed to be originated from Chennai, India(formerly known as Madras). The word "roti" means bread in Hindu and Malay and the word "canai" is believed to derived from the word Chennai but in Malay, "canai" means "to flatten". Hence, the derivation of the name and meaning of the dish, Roti Canai is still ambiguous.

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