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Monday, November 17, 2008

Perak Food -Roti Canai @ Kampung Sitiawan

I have heard about the best roti canai stall that is operating by the river side in Kampung Sitiawan. So, I requested a visit early in the morning.

About Roti Canai

Roti Canai is a type of flat bread found in Malaysia and this dish is believed to be originated from Chennai, India(formerly known as Madras). The word "roti" means bread in Hindu and Malay and the word "canai" is believed to derived from the word Chennai but in Malay, "canai" means "to flatten". So, the how the derivation of the name and meaning of the dish, Roti Canai is still ambiguous.

Roti Canai is often sold in mamak stalls and it is known as Roti Prata in Singapore. The name Roti Prata has another history background too.

Roti Canai Shop by the river @ Kampung Sitiawan

Roti Kosong/ Plain Flat bread

Roti Telur/ Flat Bread with egg

I was welcomed with a number of flies. The roti kosong and roti telur were grilled to crispy with margarine and it's aromatic. If the number of flies were lesser, I would have stayed a little big longer to try the other foods like nasi lemak and fried vermicelli. Unfortunately, I was too irritated with the flies that keep surrounding the tables and lingering at my legs.

If, you are not a local, it would be a bit tough for you to locate this area. If I am not mistaken, there are two resorts operating in this village. I can't remember the resorts name by now. Could probably ask the locals for directions. It's crowded and be there early if you wanna try!

Kampung Sitiawan

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