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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Taiwan Restaurant @ Pearl Point, Old Klang Road

When it comes to the question "What's for lunch/dinner today?" We hear friends suggesting Japanese food, Korean food, Western food or others but not Taiwanese food. Perhaps, we don't have much choices of restaurants that serve Taiwanese Cuisine as yet. Or maybe I am just too ignorant and am not aware of it.
Little Taiwan Restaurant was first opened in Year 2000, a restaurant that serve varieties of Taiwanese Food, snacks and bubble tea.

About Bubble Tea

Bubble tea also known as Boba tea are beverages with chewy tapioca balls with mixture of gelatin( jelly alike). This beverages were invented in Taiwan in the 1980s. The tapioca balls are often called as "pearls" due to it's size and are translucent and black in color. The bubble teas are served with a large straw in order for one's to enjoy the the pearls together with the drinks.

Little Taiwan @ Pearl Point Hotel

Green Pearl Milk Tea @ RM 5.90
A fresh and soothing milk beverage with slight taste of green tea served with "pearls".

Spicy Hot Ramen @ RM 9.90
Too much of bean sprouts and spring onions, with small portion of ramen served. Soup was spicy with slight herbal taste but flavourless (not salty). Overall, it's just an average noodles dish.

"Little Taiwan" Claypot Lou Shu Fun @ RM 10.90
A claypot of Lou Shu Fun by "Little Taiwan" which is not so special at all. Really miss Uncle Romario's Lou Shu Fun, a stall operating in Medan Sunway (Sunway Food Court).

About Lou Shu Fun(老鼠粉)
Lou Shu Fun( Cantonese)/Lao Shu Fen( Mandarin) is known as SILVER NEEDLE NOODLES in English. It is a variety of Chinese noodles. The noodles are made from ground rice flour, and the noodles are short in size and white semi-transparent in color.

Special Taiwanese Meatball @ RM 8.80
I guess the portion of salt was all used up to make this SPECIAL Taiwanese Meatball and that is the reason why the Spicy Ramen is lack in taste. The meatballs are too salty.

Taiwanese Salted Chicken @ RM 8.80
ShihLin XXL chicken tasted much nicer. Well, the chickens are crispy and crunchy but.......just normal fried chicken without any special flavor/marinades.

I should have listen to my best pal! She mentioned to me earlier that, Little Taiwan Restaurant serves food which is considered below average. harm trying something different. I guess, it's better to go for the bubble teas only.

Despite my comments on their food, I noticed that the business in Pearl Point Hotel is running well. Again, different people with different taste bud huh~~

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