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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Perak Food -Char Kway Teow @ Sitiawan

I don't know the name of the street, as far as the locals can tell me, it's behind KFC of Sitiawan and opposite the wet market. How can someone staying in Sitiawan doesn't know the name of this place huh??? That's long as I am here to try the charcoal fried kuey tiow/ char kuey tiow.

About Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow means fried flat noodles. It is a popular noodle dish particularly in Penang, Malaysia and Singapore. The dish and ingredients are quite basic, essentially being flat noodle fried with smattering prawns and cockles with an egg added to taste and portion of bean sprouts thrown in just when the dish is done.

The famous char kway teow stall @ Sitiawan

Coal fried Char Kway Teow
The well control heat plus the ingredients and seasonings gives the noodle its fragrance. The char kway teow looks ordinary but the taste is indeed good and this stall is obviously one of the famous stall in Sitiawan.

Behind KFC, Opposite wet market
(name of the road??? anyone knows?)

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Willy's Diary said...

if not mistaken that area is called astaka... i used to visit there for his char kway teow though...

the taste is still strong inside my mind now and really great. i miss sitiawan so much now LOL

planning to visit sitiawan when i come back to malaysia...

what a nice post you have here.