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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thai Food @ Rak Thai- Revisit

We have been looking around for delicious mango sticky rice. My best pal told me she found a restaurant that serves something similar like what we had in Bangkok and she refused to tell me the name of the restaurant. Guess she knows I was anxious about it and the other day I text her " Is it Rak Thai?" Hahahahaha....still refuse to tell me...and one fine day she told me you are right! It's Rak Thai and I didn't know the name until I visited the restaurant last week."

We then chosed a day to meet up for dinner at Rak Thai. Ahhhh.... my main purpose is to try their mango sticky rice after our dinner and guess what???............You will know later........

Phad Ki Mau @ RM 8.90
Phad Ki Mau which is the spicy drunken noodles, another popular dish in Thailand. The fried noodles tasted sweet and spicy but the portion of noodles were too little. Could be much better I think!

Thai Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice @ RM 12.90
Pineapple Fried Rice a signature dish of Thailand. The combination of the chunks of juicy pineapple with fragantly fried rice is nothing less than heavenly to eat.

Mango Chicken Chop Rice @ RM 14.90
This is one of the recomended dish in the menu. I mentioned in my earlier post on Rak Thai that I will be back for this and I did! It tasted good at first, sweet, sour and salty. And the more I eat, the more yucky I feel. The combination of the chicken chop and mango to say? Mmmm......GROSS!!

BBQ Lemongrass Chicken Chop with Rice @ RM 14.90

Fried Sea bass with sauce @ RM 25.90
One of my liking is their deep fried crispy seabass with Thai Chinese sauce. Sauce is sweet, spicy & salty.

Thai BBQ Squids @ RM 9.90 for 4 sticks
Squids were seasoned with turmeric and salt, perfectly grilled to tender perfection. Although not as delicious as what we had in Bangkok, the Thai BBQ squids served in Rak Thai is full of flavor too.

Thai BBQ Prawns @ RM 14.90 for 4 sticks
Prawns were too small and tasteless. Still prefer the one in Malacca.

So here comes my dessert. The delicious mango sticky rice I wanted to try! Once it is served, I start ed scooping and was busy enjoying the dessert. Normally I will be busy taking pics and..................what!!!! I actually forgot to take pictures of the mango sticky rice. I only realised that I have missed taking pictures for the dessert while I was on my way home. ~lol~ It's ok, there shall be another revisit.

Lot 232A, The Gardens, Mid Valley City

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