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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thai Barbeque @ Nong & Jimmy

I have tried barbecue prawns and barbecue squids but not
barbecue crabs and this is one of the reason I wanted to visit Nong & Jimmy! I have seen quite a number of post for Nong & Jimmy and most of the reviews seems to be good. Anyway, am not trying to be the outstanding one, but for me the food were not as expected especially the good looking barbecued crabs.

Nong & Jimmy Thai Barbecue @ Taman Cahaya

Chilli sauce with peanuts
Place your orders and then you be served with two types of chilli sauce. Once is the normal chilli sauce and the other one is with peanuts in it.

N & J Fried Rice @ RM 5.00
Well, this is great one! I think the best among the dishes we ordered! Fried Thai Fragant Rice with fresh prawns and eggs. Hahahaha..can't see the prawns from the pic huh. Cause I didn't know there are prawns until I started eating and at that point in time I was busy.....very busy eating.

Clay pot Tom Yam @ RM 10
Hot, sour and spicy tom yam served in clay pot with generous portion of prawns, squids, button mushrooms etc. The soup tasted great just like a fine classic Thai Tom Yam!

Grilled Stingray @ RM 12
Tasted normal. Mmmmm...nothing special it.

Stir fried Kangkung Belacan @ RM 9
This is one of my favorite dish. The green leafy vegetables fragantly fried with shrimp paste (belacan).

Hey crab....Looking at me? You look hot huh~~

Barbecue Crab @ RM 25.20
Okay..the barbecue crab is the dish that I wanted to try most. But, this turned out to be a disappointment. The crab meats were too dry and there is crab taste. Ahhh...I should have ordered it to be cooked in other style. Wasted....wasted.........

Am not saying that the food is totally not good but just that it is not as expected by me. Maybe I should have ordered something else and may be they do serve other delicious dishes that I don't know. About the crab....perhaps I should visit the market one day and cook a good one for myself hahahahaha ~~

Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya,
Ampang Selangor
Tel: 03- 4251 1807
, 019-261 1345, 012-273 8069

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