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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Various Fried Noodles @ Restaurant Tong Shan

A restaurant that serves noodles with different cooking style. Named it! They have it! Besides noodles, they do serve rice as well and other dishes as well. But seems like everyone is heading there for their delicious noodles servings.

Restaurant Tong Shan @ Salak Selatan

Fried Pak Guo @ RM 6.00
The other restaurants are serving "pak guo"(cantonese) or "pek keh" (hokkien) fried in Hokkien Mee style. But at Restaurant Tong Shan, you can choose for the Dry Style Fried Pak Guo, which is fried with salted vegetables and fried dried shrimps. Obviously, the good culinary skills of the chef working with the hot fiery wok heat makes the Fried Pak Guo delicious and aromatic.

Fried Kwai Fah Noodles @ RM 6.00
Another aromatic fried noodles recomended by the owner of the shop.

A glass of herbal drink to soothe the throat after the deliciously fried noodles....Yummy!!

Jalan Tuanku Satu,
Salak South Garden

(A corner shop opposite 7/11, near
Kedai Kopi Tian Hong)

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