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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Char Siu Rice @ Kedai Kopi Tian Hong

" Halo....blogger! I have a place to recommend you! The char siu (roasted pork) hor....taste like bak kwa!" This is the call I received the other day during office hour. I was shocked ! Not because of the person who called, I was shocked with his descriptions of the char siu...So we managed to visit this coffee shop during weekend for lunch!

Kedai Kopi Tian Hong @ Salak Selatan
Not only the outer layer is tasty and crispy, the meat itself is tender and well tasted with the seasonings.So here is the part where Jun mentioned, it tasted like bak kwa, the over burnt part and it's great. Look at the pic.....I am drooling! Jin ho jiak ler!!!!

Char siu literally means "fork burn/roast"pork. A traditional cooking method for the long strips of seasoned boneless pork, where the boneless pork are skewered with a long fork and placed in a covered oven over the fire. The meat is seasoned with a mixture of honey, five-spice powder, fermented to fu, soy sauce, red food coloring (optional) and sheery/rice wine (optional). These seasonings turned the exterior of the meat dark red, and normally maltose may be used to give char siu its characteristic of shiny glaze.

It's been quite sometime since I ate char siu (years??), the reason is my previous puppy's favorite meal is char siu rice. Few months ago, I was mentioning this to my friend when he was having char siu. wan tan mee....he then threw his piece of char siu on his plate, acting like as if he is angry....My puppy gone missing few years ago....

Well....thanks for the good recomendation Jun!.... I heard that this place is crowded during weekdays lunch it would be better to visit after 1 pm I guess....but they might be running out of other optional dishes....I was asking the friendly owner for name card, but he said they don't have any.... and he gave me this.... you know where is it! But, I have forgotten to ask for their operation hours, try your luck if you are interested..If it is not open on that day, there is another recommended restaurant nearby, which is always crowded as well.....will post it next time!.


bantwan said...

I went this cha siao few year ago with friends, but dun know the place, not familiar with that area :)

Lushia said... GPS lo...that might help you to find the place ler ~lol~