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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dain Ti Hill (代官山) @ Pavillion KL - revisit

he second visit was not a pleasant trip. We heard that their desserts are good and since today is the last day of the promotion, we went to Dain Ti Hill for lunch again.

Potato Pumpkin Salad @ RM 12.00 -Can Try!

Deep Fried Chicken with Mustard @ RM 18.00

Braised Tofu with Egg Yolk @ RM 15.00- I personally don't like it!

Baked Rice Roll topped with Mango @ RM 24.00

Vanilla Ice Cream served with glutinous rice ball and fresh fruits @ RM 12.00 - Just a normal dessert. Presentation wise looks nice.

Rose Oolong Tea @ RM 15.00

The service was poor due to the crowded environment and most dishes were taken out from the menu with the excuse that it is a busy day. To revisit? MMmmmmm......maybe but not so soon....


JessieLee said...

ya....a bit dissapointed this time....

Lushia said...

so we find other place to eat next time huh....hehehehehehe