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Monday, September 29, 2008

Banana Leaf Rice @ The Lotus

My headache has not gone away so is my craving for spicy food too. I was viewing
Nic(KHKL) blog and I saw the post on banana leaf rice.Hhhmmmm...banana leaf rice, am sure there are spicy dishes, but where? Kana, The Lotus, Sri Paandi, Sri Nirwana or Sri Kortumalai( as posted by Nic).......By the way, it seems like "Sri" is so commonly used.Why not Sri Kana or Sri Lotus?

Well, my post title is obvious enough, I chose The Lotus for banana leaf rice, not because the food is extremely good, but I am sort of missing something they serve here.

Do you know that banana leaf rice is actually a typical dish in South Indian Cuisine? White rice is served on banana leaf with assortment of vegetables/pickles, curried meat/fish and papadum(cracker). The banana leaf is used as it is believed that the hot rice with release the coating of banana leaf and it helps in digestion.

Well, we ordered curry chicken, fried chicken, fish cutlet and sambal udang. Taste wise is just normal.The whole meal cost RM42.00 including drinks as ordered as below.

Oh it comes at last......miss miss miss......their special brew!

The Lotus's special brew @ RM 3.50- A great cup/glass of coffee- Must Try!

It was a pleasant lunch anyway. My next visit for banana leaf rice would be Sri Nirwana, Bangsar I guess......but not so soon

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