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Friday, September 12, 2008

Café Café @ Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur

Each time while I was on my way back from work, I will passed by Café Café and I was wondering who the hell will go to such cafe? A cafe at a corner of a shop lot without proper parking and access route.
The location of the restaurant seems not right!

Well....I am the one who is not right!

As usual, I go online to search for places to dine , and I found this website and and the next thing I do is to fix a day to dine in Café Café.

Café Café
Classic decorations- Chandelier, cottage style cabinets, Victorian style curtains & my favorite white roses

Stepped inside this old shop and you will immediately feel that you have been transported to a spirit and sophistication of France. Café Café an elegant and cozy rendezvous reminiscent of a comfortable and intimate ambiance of Parisian/French style, a perfect venue that you can savor the traditional authentic French cuisine surrounded by warm glow of candlelight amidst of classic wooden and rustic setting.

Here is my so called "candlelight dinner".......went there after work the other celebrate the King's Birthday

Duck Confit @ RM 45-(French confit de canard) one of their signature dish, duck leg prepared by poaching it in its own fat, and grilled slowly in a low temparature. It's a bit greasy but the duck skin is thin and yet crispy with a slight salt and garlic taste of the meat. Dish is served with potatoes. A good choice for duck meat lovers or those who like to try something different.

And the here comes my Seafood Spaghetti @ RM 38, a special dish indeed, this is one of their recommended pasta, spaghetti with fresh lime taste and generous servings of seafood- scallops, prawns, squids and mussel sprinkled with almond flakes.

Chocolate cake-White Truffle @ RM 38, A thick rounded slab of chocolate cake with hot dark melted chocolates in it, served with a scoop of Haagen Daaz. An irresistible dessert!

Café Café is definitely not a restaurant that spent all their money only on the decor, it is indeed a charming and romantice restaurant for fine dining with quality food and service. Must try!! And if you wanna try... do invite me along

Location of Café Café (click at the pic for larger view)


Precious Pea said...

The last time i went, they didn't allow me to take photo :( So this place is in my 'blacklist' oledi.

Lushia said...

My colleague told me last week,she read a blog that mentioned we are not allowed to take photos! I guess it's you huh!...She visited Cafe cafe after my visit, but none of use were stopped when taking pics, I go with you next time...whoever who stopped you I hentam dia lah....macam gangster hahahaha....I think they change their policy already... :)

BShya said...

Stephen, Yvonne, Florence, Sue Huey, me and my boyfriend used to go there to celebrate Sook Hoon's birthday a few years ago. Must do reserve if go on saturday, sunday and valentine's day. As u said, quality food and service, so we really enjoy that day and plan to visit again.

Lushia said...

few years ago, means we are still auditing in NLP kah? why wasn't i invited huh? :( So when is our next gathering?

BShya said...

The dinner was held after we all resigned. I cant remember why u were not there, mayb u not free. U may take initiative to call us for gathering.

Lushia said...

Bshya- Will do we usually do :)