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Monday, September 8, 2008

Seafood @ Pulau Ketam, Klang

This is my first seafood lunch, which is a planned trip to Pulau Ketam. It has to be a lunch anyway, cause the last ferry that leaves Pulau Ketam to Port Klang is at 6 pm. But, I was informed that if it happens that you missed the ferry, you can always tip the fisherman
for a ride as they will be traveling back to Port Klang at night.

Initially we planned to have our lunch at Restaurant Kuai Lok Hian, a recommended seafood restaurant which is located near the jetty(some says it's not good at all) Unfortunately, it was closed on that, we cycled further in and upon reaching their small town, we notice there are quite a number of seafood restaurants. Not knowing which is the preferred restaurant, we cycled back to Hotel Sea Lion and asked the owner for recommendations. She immediately says "Restaurant Kia Hong Haun",which is located opposite the Pulau Ketam Polis Station. Cycling excitedly seafood lunch will it be?

I had my lunch here, a restaurant recommended by The Hotel Sea Lion owner, appreciate he suggestion but I guess there are better restaurants though.

Mixed Vegetables- fragrantly fried mixed vegetables with pork slice and prawns

Fried Butter Prawns- Deep Fried fresh prawns with butter, too little of butter taste and it's greasy.

Steamed Shaoxing La La- a steamy affair , had us diving repeatedly into the broth, the shop owner who is also the cook recommended this dish to us! Among the four dishes, this is the best, shaoxing wine and ginger are perfectly portioned inspired the freshness of the dish.

Kam Hiong Crab- How do we call Kam Hiong in English? It's named as Chilly Crab in their menu. But I think it sounds a bit not right. Any ideas? A bit out of my expectation, too much dried chillies devoid the crab's taste.

Ooopps....I almost forgot to mention the price for those dishes. Mixed Vege @ RM 8, Steamed Shaoxing La La @ RM 12, Fried Butter Prawns @ RM 20 & Kam Hiong Crab @ RM 28.00. What do you think?

Anyway, I enjoyed my lunch and I bet there are better seafood restaurants in this island. As we know, Pulau Ketam is an island well known with varieties of fresh seafood. We then cycled around the island, the sights of smiling faces, their simple and relaxing lifestlye makes me smile too. Relax~~

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