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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nasi Lemak @ CT Garden Kampung Baru

When we mention Kampung Baru, many will recommend the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa . I have not tried Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa as yet as I only visit CT Garden, a nasi lemak vendor tucked in the middle of the village right opposite Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa. Jun brought me there few years back and very often we had our simple meal there...I stopped visiting CT Garden for quite sometime, no particular reason for it.....and I thought I might not know the way....but I managed to find the place by guessing!

Not here, this picture is to let you know how to go to CT Garden- drive further down and turn right, go straight and when you reach first junction, turn right and drive to the end of the road turn right again, Kelab Sultan Sulaiman Building will be at your right hand side, annexed will be Ct Garden.

Time to gobble....hahahahaha...CT Garden, divided into 4 sections:
  1. The section where you take a tray and take as many packets of nasi lemak as you want, as long as you can finish it. The nasi lemak packets are rather small actually , a scoop of rice, quarter of an egg and a spooonful of delicous, spicy and tasty sambal ikan bilis. Besides that, otak-otak is available at here, you got to pay for the otak otak at this section itself, its from a different vendor.
  2. Here is the add-ons counter, this is the section where a varieties of side dishes for you to add on to eat along with nasi lemak Fried chickens, sambal chicken, fish, squids, lamb, beef, cuttle fish, begetables, sambal petai, eggs and etc.
  3. After taking packets of nasi lemak and add-ons, it's time to order your drinks, choices are as placed on the counter.
  4. Last section- Here is the payment counter- Pay before you start to eat.
Looks delicous? RM 0.70 per packet

While eating....enjoy the view of KLCC

That's about it....I will definitely be back for their Nasi Lemak!


C.T Roses Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.
Kelab Sultan Sulaiman (Annexe Building)
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman
50300 Kg Baru KL
Tel: 019-367 8686, 012-622 2228, 019-366 2338

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