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Monday, November 17, 2008

Perak Food -Gong Pian by Cheong Cia, Sitiawan

Sitiawan is identified with the Fu Zhou(Hock Chew) heritage. It's believe that most settlement of the industrious migrants were mostly from Ku tien, Fu Zhou, China. Hence, this small town is famous with it's own local heritage Fu Zhou (Hock Chew) dishes.

If you ask the locals, what are their famous delicacies, they would have recommend you "Gong Pian" which is the savoury biscuits that we can only find it in this small town where the original recipe were brought by the Fu zhou settlers from China.

About Gong Pian

Gong Pian is a clay oven baked biscuits stuffed with fillings like char siew(roasted pork) & slightly salted fried onions. The savory biscuits recipe were brought in by the early Hock Chew settlers from China.

Gong Pian by Cheong Cia
Cheong Cia Gong Pian business was taken over by two brothers from their granduncle about 10years ago and the old family business is doing very well. I guess that is the reason that makes the owner of the business being so snobbish. Despite of their behaviour, you will still see patrons lining up to order their famous gong pian.

Gong Pian with roasted pork (Char siew) @ RM 0.90 per biscuit

Gong Pian with slightly salted fried onions @ RM 0.60 per biscuit

Type of biscuits by Cheong Cia

The process of making gong pian is time consuming and tedious. Cheong Cia produces at least 1000 pieces of biscuits a day. And it's not surprising that you will see customer ordering up to hundred biscuits to take back home and at the end of the day, every single biscuit is sold out!

If you happen to pass by Sitiawan or if you are in Sitiawan, never miss the gong pian- dry biscuits as it is only available in this town. Something special that you should try!

Jalan Tok Perdana,
Sitiawan Perak
(behind Wisma Ganda)


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This is nice, I like it.

LS said...

Yes, it's delicious! :)