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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gelato @ Leo's Cafe

Congratulations to Leo's Cafe! Another new outlet at Low Yat Plaza now. Well, this is not the first time I have been to Leo's Cafe as there is one outlet very near to my place. I never revisit anyway as the food served doesn't taste good or special to me at all.

Anyway, I went for lunch with my colleagues at the newly opened outlet in Low Yat. Again, the food failed to satisfy me. I suggested to try their gelato and to my surprised, gelato served in Leo's cafe were excellent!!!

About Gelato
Gelato originated from Italy. It is an Italian ice cream made from liquid, milk or water, sweeteners, flavorings and etc. The word gelato, might sounds a bit like it is related with gelatin ( am explaining what is gelatin here, people who bakes and cooks definitely knows what it is). Gelatin is not used in preparing Gelato anyway. The word "gelato" means "to freeze" in Italian.

In the old time, Gelato is considered a luxury dessert as to make a perfect gelato, they will need to climb up the mountain for perfect ice. We are lucky, am I right??

Simply Seduction @ RM 9.80
Hazelnut and Tiramisu gelato served with whipped cream, colourice, love letters and chocolate dips. The hazelnut gelato is sedusive and delicious! This dessert is named correctly!

Refreshing Fusion @ RM 9.80
Well, we actually ordered Fruitti Island but was served with this and after a bit of tasting, we noticed the gelato served is different in color with what is shown in the menu. We questioned the waiter and they took back the gelato. I didn't try it anyway. According to my colleague, the fresh mint gelato were great and chilling! We should have ask them to leave it to us and add on another order.

Fruitty Island @ RM 9.80
So we were then served with the correct order. Losing nothing at all , as the strawberry and the apricot flavored gelato were as good as the others!

Leo's Cafe!-Sharing Yummy Fun 2gether! And here I am sharing with you guys! ! I will only revisit for the gelato but not the food afterall~lol~

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